PlanSo GmbH Announces a New Solution that Will Help Website Owners Know who exactly is visiting site

PlanSo Leads Pro is a new solution that is dedicated towards helping every website owner, marketing manager, sales representative, administrator, etc.

Online PR News – 27-April-2016 – Düsseldorf – Düsseldorf, Germany –The management team at PlanSo GmbH, a world leading software solutions provider, is pleased and excited to announce today the launch of a new feature to PlanSo Leads - a business software as a service for lead generation and marketing automation.

What this implies is that with this latest solution from the stables of PlanSo GmbH, every website owner, marketing manager, sales representative, administrator, etc., can now finally know who (traffic) exactly is visiting their site.

In other words, the software is dedicated towards helping clients to know their B2B contacts and the products and services they are interested in, even before they get in touch with the company.

Dubbed as ‘PlanSo Leads Pro,’ this revolutionary and enviable technology requires no special coding or programming skills before it can be successfully installed. It is just a matter of copying and pasting a script, and thereafter, customers of PlanSo would now be able to identify new B2B leads on their website without hassles.

Stephan Helbig, Founder and Managing Director of PlanSo said; “We are absolutely thrilled and delighted about the launch of this new innovation, and we know that all our clients out there would be pleased with what PlanSo Leads Pro has to offer.”

He continued; “As soon as this light-weight yet high-powered script is installed on a client’s website, it allows you to see who's visiting your site the moment they visit your site, and shows you in-depth details about their visit, thereby increasing your conversion rate and your capacity to make more revenue from your website.”

“Before now, this was near impossible to do, but not anymore. Through the help of PlanSo Leads Pro, you would be able to identify and then call these customers instantly, and provide them with the right information at the right time. This would in return convert them to your next best customer” Helbig concluded.

Everyone can test drive PlanSo Leads Pro for free now by signing up via the following link -

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