Ecosmob Announced To Offer Telecom API Development Services

Ecosmob Technologies made an announcement to offer the development services of different APIs of Telecom.

Online PR News – 27-April-2016 – Washington, olympia – Ecosmob Technologies offers the services in the VoIP industry for more than 7 years. The company has been offering many different services to its clients with their professional and experienced approach. The company is operating from their headquarter, which is situated in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Recently, the representative of the Ecosmob Technologies has announced that the company is offering development services for custom telecom Application Programming Interface. This API can be a small yet important part of different mobile applications, web solutions or a software. This telecom API works as a building block to offer a communication and/ or collaboration related functions and features in the specific app or a solution.

“The world is very much demanding nowadays. Everyone wants a little extra in everything. There was a time when people were happy with a small and static mobile application. Then, comes a time of interactive mobile applications and then, highly interactive one. Now, as we all know smart devices are full with the smart apps. We all know that communication is an unavoidable part of the mobile industry. So to blend the features of mobile apps and communication, the developers came up with the idea of Telecom APIs. These APIs are nothing, but a small module of a mobile application, which wants to integrate a certain telecommunication feature in it. This same logic applies to the web solutions and software. They can also use the specific telecom API to add the telecommunication features.”, stated the representative of Ecosmob Technologies.

The company offers development of any type of custom telecom API. It can be a simple call routing one or as big as a whole PBX API. “The major advantage of the Telecom API is that the developers can exchange the expertise and take advantage of the experience of others instead of putting efforts and time in mastering something new. It means the mobile app developers don't need to learn the ABC of telecom development as it can make their job tough and time consuming. Now, they just need to get a telecom API developed from the experienced developers like us and integrate it. This increase the productivity and ROI of the companies.”, shared representative of the company

The Ecosmob Technologies announced to offer the telecom API development services in the FreeSWITCH technology. The more details of this service are available on their FreeSWITCH specific website. These details include brief of the stated services, features and benefits. These details can be accessed from following URL