LogoBee Initiatives to Help Environment

LogoBee logo design announces two new green initiatives.

Online PR News – 13-October-2010 – – LogoBee is an online design firm which has always paid attention to its customers. Having built a reputation by listening closely to their clients in order to produce the best logo possible for their company, LogoBee's designers are used to look at the big picture in order to convey it through in a small picture. Of course the biggest picture to look at is the environment of the planet we are living on. In a way, this is the customer we all have in common, and all of us have the duty to serve it as best we can.

LogoBee has always been respectful of the environment, finding ways to benefit it whenever possible. Whether through recycling, reusing where possible, or drawing draft designs on scraps of paper in order to avoid wasting a new sheet, LogoBee has been all about doing the small things well to advantage the big picture.

Now however, as LogoBee wishes to play a greater role in the global initiative to preserve our environment, they are starting to take greater steps. One will make running the business easier on the environment, for less paper will be needed. This will be achieved thanks to a new content management system which will, by making the project run much more smoothly, eliminate the need to print out schedules and emails because everything will be centralized in one place. The greater efficiency will be of great advantage to each of LogoBee's clients, not to mention the environment.

There is of course only so much a logo design firm can do to help the environment. There are however certain organisations which dedicate themselves completely to making the world a better place, and LogoBee has been doing its bit helping these organisations for five years by giving free makeovers. There are many problems in the world of course, and lots of good causes, and LogoBee has provided makeovers for lots of different types of non-profit, but this time they have decided to concentrate their efforts on environmental firms.

Those can apply for free and the winning organisation will receive not only a new logo but stationery design to go with it. This is known as the Gold Package, which would normally cost $425. The only requirements for entry is that the organisation be nonprofit; they can come from anywhere in the world and benefit nature in any way.

LogoBee is an award winning web-based design company from Montreal, Canada. The speciality of the in-house designers is logo design, even so they are also masters in stationary design, the design of websites, business cards, fliers and pamphlets and a lot more.