CSGOSK NEWS: Global Offensive took addition footfall today

CSGOSK NEWS: Global Offensive took addition footfall today

Online PR News – 26-April-2016 – CSGOSK – CSGOSK NEWS - Valve's attempts to barrier wanton hacking in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took addition footfall today as a new application abundant their "Prime Matchmaking" initiative.

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The new feature, begin by parsing strings from the beta body of the latest application issued on April 21, will acquiesce players to advancement their annual to Prime status.

Prime accounts acquire to acquire a accurate buzz bulk affiliated to their Steam account, and will prioritise getting placed in matchmaking adjoin added Prime accounts.

Players artlessly charge to verify their account, again hit the "Upgrade" button if prompted to accompany Prime. And just as with Steam's 2-factor authentication, the bulk cannot be a basic or internet buzz bulk such as Google Voice.

The affection is currently in beta, and is acerb affected as an experiment, which Valve are decumbent to conduct and bead if they about-face out to be disasters.

Other additions from the application cover assorted bug fixes, and a accurate accolade to Marcelo "coldzera" David's 4-kill AWP binge on Mirage with some adapted graffiti on the position he captivated to accumulate Luminosity Gaming's hopes animate in MLG Columbus (which you can see in the attack above).

Enjoy getting immortalised, Coldzera.So prime just agency that you acquire a buzz bulk absorbed to your account? Ok, in that case I'll abstract my buzz number, so that I don't acquire to play with all the cheaters (who mainly aswell betray barter people).

I assumption this will abatement the bulk of smurfs if you're arena on your capital account, aback (myself included) autonomous to attach my buzz bulk to my main.

This ability aswell abatement the bulk of barter scams and cheaters. Hopefully.