Psychotherapist Jeff Tannen Announces Forthcoming Novel

In his new novel \"The Barracks,\" psychotherapist Jeff Tannen explores the 1970s gay scene where few men dared to tread.

Online PR News – 26-April-2016 – Los Angeles, California – By Scott A. Mollette Contact: (424) 781-3141FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 26, 2016Los Angeles, CA. - In Jeff Tannen’s forthcoming novel “The Barrack’s”, we are taken back in time to the early seventies in San Francisco. Through the eyes of the protagonist and his best friend, the inner world of the bath house scene is revealed. He allows us to take a glimpse into this world whose existence is cast as a kind of speakeasy where only the bravest and most fearless men dare to play out their fantasies of unbridled sex. The setting is a former bordello from the early 1900’s. The building is entered from an outer chamber whereby belongings are checked and one’s identity is established. It is a private club where who whom you know gets you through the door. These are the days of hippies and Harri Krishna and flower strewn carts rolling through Golden Gate Park in a haze of marijuana and festivals of love and sharing. Said Tannen, “In this current novel I wanted to reveal the intricacies of gay lifestyle before it became acceptable in mainstream society. It was my goal to reveal to the world what life was like for gay men during the time when it was taboo.”Jeff Tannen’s current novel, “Transference”, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as finer book stores, is an intriguing and suspenseful story, in which the lives of a renown psychiatrist and his patient embark on opposing journeys .For Dr. Rusk it is a slow descent into a world of madness while his patient Andrew discovers his inner self while moving about in a world of suspense and intrigue that takes us across the pond to London and then back to Los Angeles. “Transference” is a veritable roller coaster ride with a tight and satisfying ending that will likely curl the hair of any reader. “It’s a definite must read and the follow up promises to be just as engaging” Tannen said, “The Barracks” will reveal the innermost workings of the 1970s gay scene in San Francisco”. Jeff Tannen lives a vibrant life in Los Angeles where he practices psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. He enjoys taking acting classes as a hobby and hopes to dabble in making commercials, though writing is what he loves the most Media contact: Scott A. Mollette. Dallas, Texas.