Architectural screens a new upcoming design solution in Malaysia

Architectural screens offer safety, privacy and aesthetic appeal. Indoors they can be used as room dividers or wall decoration

Online PR News – 26-April-2016 – Petaling Jaya – Dividers, decorative screens or architectural screens. It doesn’t matter what you call them but architectural screens have started to become a big trend in Malaysia and they are here to stay. Architectural screens are increasingly featured in garden and urban space designs. Its success is most likely due to the price and look-and-feel of the screens; they are affordable, while looking classy and modern.

Architectural screens: an aesthetic way to create privacy
Architectural screens offer safety, privacy and aesthetic appeal. Indoors they can be used as room dividers or wall decoration. Outdoors the screens can be used as a cladding element to cover up technical details such as pipes and machinery, a design element to improve the look of an outdoor wall, or a fence to create privacy. Covering a large wall with an architectural screen also has a cooling effect on buildings. This is a plus in a hot and humid climate like Malaysia has. The lightweight material and ease of installation make it a cost effective architectural solution.
Recycled materials
The difference between most screen providers and Eco Outdoor, is that the latter uses recycled materials only. No new plastic had to be manufactured to create the architectural screens (also called eco screens). This helps to decrease the ecological footprint.
Chris Kooijman, director of Eco Outdoor Sdn Bhd: “Architectural screens have definitely become a trend in Malaysia. We see an increase in enquiries and requests for quotations and more and more buildings appear with large sections covered with architectural screens. At the same time more and more consumers like to use the screens to separate areas both indoors and outdoors.”

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