cair, selected for Google 2016 ‘Adopt a Startup’ programme.

Online PR News – 26-April-2016 – Dublin, Ireland – cair, selected for Google 2016 ‘Adopt a Startup’ programme.

cair is an indoor air quality sensor & app for your home, developed by Nuwave Sensor Technology, ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers or anyone concerned about health effects of poor indoor air quality.

Lisa Ainsworth, CEO, said “We are thrilled cair has been selected by Google. It will be an amazing opportunity to work with Google and to have access to their expertise and knowledge.”

Poor indoor air quality is linked to a range of undesirable health issues (sneezing, dry skin, itchy eyes, headaches, asthma & allergies). Good air quality is vital for your health.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of air in a work or home environment, dealing specifically with factors (airborne pollutants, temperature and humidity) that have an effect on your health, comfort and general wellbeing. The cair system sensors have been handpicked from the same components and technologies installed in the clean rooms of the largest microchip manufacturing companies in the world.

How cair works?
The cair sensor continuously collects information about your indoor air quality. The cair app learns your unique asthma and allergy triggers and sends an early warning alert when indoor air quality becomes bad or if elements of air quality you are sensitive to arise. cair will make personalised recommendations to empower you to take charge of your asthma, allergies and wellbeing. Breathe easier with cair!

Google ‘Adopt a Startup’

Google ‘Adopt a Startup’ programme provides high-potential Startups with unparalleled support in utilising Google’s full suite of digital solutions.

Pricing - Pre-order price is £125/€159 (free shipping in the EU)

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About Nuwave
cair is the brainchild of Dr Stephen Daniels, co-founder and CTO of NuWave Sensor Technology, based at DCU Innovation Campus in Dublin, Ireland.