Selling Your Diamond Jewelry is Easy at Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers New Calabasas Showroom!

Private, discreet and professional, Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers is a Los Angeles diamond buyer who pays you the most money for your diamond and estate jewelry.

Online PR News – 26-April-2016 – Calabasas, CA – Diamonds and diamond jewelry are an asset that many people forget about once no longer worn. Styles changes, priorities are no longer the same, and at certain points in your life, receiving cash for old diamond jewelry that you can allocate elsewhere is a much better use for your diamonds, old estate jewelry and unworn jewels.

Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers' Calabasas showroom is now open to the public by appointment!

Private, discreet and professional, Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers is a local, Los Angeles diamond buyer who will pay you the most money for your diamond rings, diamond jewelry, estate jewelry and loose diamonds.

When you are interested to sell your loose diamonds, diamond and estate jewelry, Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers is your resource for evaluations, education and top-dollar offers.

Before you rush to market, it is crucial to get an accurate idea of your diamond quality and authenticity. A qualified appraiser – preferably one that is GIA certified – can give you an unbiased opinion of the diamond’s characteristics and condition, and highlight positive and negative attributes that could affect its value.

"Spending money on a formal appraisal isn’t always necessary," says gemologist Gall Raiman, owner of Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers in Calabasas. “Appraisals are an added expense and when you are in need of cash, this is not always practical. Getting a certified evaluation from a trusted, experienced jeweler who knows the market value and diamond prices and demand, will allow you to have the tools you need to make an informed decision to sell.”

Why sell your diamond ring directly to Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers versus selling your diamonds online? Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers are local, trusted, longtime industry experts and certified. You get a free evaluation, so you know how much your diamonds are worth. If you accept the cash offer, Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers makes payments to you within 24hours and if no deal is made, you leave knowing how much your diamond jewelry is worth.

Raiman Rock Diamond Buyers is your Calabasas jeweler, offering free, certified evaluations on your diamonds and diamond jewelry. Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers specializes in buying diamonds and estate jewelry for the highest and best values, with payment being made within 24 hours if a deal is accepted.

Call Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers today, find out how much your unworn diamonds, diamond and estate jewelry pieces are worth at no cost and no obligation to you.

Visit or call 818-224-2222 for more information on selling your diamond and diamond jewelry and to receive a free, certified evaluation on you diamond and estate jewelry.