A lifestyle app that will never let you miss favorite local event

Alltivity Inc. has released a trendy lifestyle app WotNow for busy parents and professionals. WotNow is only app available that drops local events of interest.

Online PR News – 25-April-2016 – Chicago – Today, we are flooded with information sent via email and social media. However, many great events go unread and un-retained in this information deluge. WotNow enables you to learn and remember all the events, and plan to attend them. For example, a parent interested in theater for their child can either follow organizations that provide theatrical opportunities or can get recommendations of events happening around them.

WotNow’s database is filled over 400,000 events from over 10,000 organizations in Chicago and will soon expand to other metros. We had a tête-à-tête with the CEO of WotNow - Deepa Salem.

“As a busy working parent, I often missed great local events because I never knew about them or I forgot to note down in my calendar even after I saw an announcement in Facebook. I thought there must be a way to get local events of my “interest” delivered to me. I could not find any, hence I launched WotNow”.

Many organizations and businesses that promote events are signing up with WotNow so they can ensure their events reach their audience. They can also reach new audiences that are interested in their events. Publishing events on WotNow is free for organizations. Many major schools, parks, museums, libraries, entertainment and sports destinations are actively using WotNow to increase interest for their events. CTO Anand Sivaraman also says “With our cutting-edge features like geo-fencing and predictive analytics, WotNow can even send last-minute suggestions to users as they drive by a venue”.

This app has received immense response from many parents. A busy parent, who has been using WotNow, says, “I can keep track of my son’s clubs and sports schedules and plan ahead. We also have found interesting events with a simple search. Highly recommended”. Users can also request organizations that would like in the app. To make it further fun, WotNow also awards WotPoints for just using the app and sharing events. WotPoints can be redeemed for event tickets and gifts. Recent gifts included FitBit, tickets to Chicago Blackhawk and other shows.

WotNow app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Contact Deepa Salem at deepa.salem@wotnow.me

Visit http://www.wotnow.me