Mexico Based Pantallas Express Launches Online Site Offering Laptop LCD Screen Replacements

Online company Pantallas Express is now live in Mexico, providing do-it-yourself replacement screens for customers who need to replace their laptop LCD screens.

Online PR News – 12-October-2010 – – Laptop owners in Mexico now have another option should something happen to the display of their beloved machines. For the first time, an online company based in Mexico, Pantallas Express, is offering screens that will enable customers to perform a LCD screen replacement without having to fork over exorbitant amounts of money to a repair shop. The do-it-yourself replacement is being marketed by Pantallas Express to customers in Mexico, and it promises to bring laptops with dying screens back to life. Complete with pictures and easy to follow instructions, the screen replacements will provide much value to customers, by eliminating the need for costly repairs and by ensuring that the life of the current laptop is extended.

Laptops employ a liquid crystal display (LCD) to display information to the user. A LCD is a flat electronic visual display that employs liquid crystals to modulate light. They are compact, thin, portable, energy efficient, and easy on the eyes. The energy efficiency of the LCD allows it to be used in battery-powered applications such as the laptop computer. Prior to LCDs, computers displayed their information on monitors that use cathode ray tubes (CRT). CRT is not practical for portable use, unlike the LCD.

LCD panels employ an external lighting mechanism because liquid crystals do not produce their own light. Most displays use a cold cathode fluorescent lamp fixed behind the LCD panel. The most popular display today is the active-matrix LCD, which contains a matrix of thin film transistors to produce a TFT-LCD. With this setup, the electrical state of each pixel on the display to maintained while other pixels are being updated. With this approach, the display is not only brighter, but also sharper than an equivalent passive matrix of comparable size.

LCDs are just like any other product, and over time, the LCD or its connecting components will experience degradation, and when that happens, the effects will be manifested on the display screen for all to see, or not, depending on the issue. Pixels could get stuck, and owners will end up with a series of dots in some color on the screen that just won't go away. A discoloration could occur on specific areas of the screen. A colored band in a washed up shade of red or green or blue may appear as well. In all of these cases, the situation may be rectified simply by replacing the LCD screen and the connectors it uses. Once the replacement has been performed, the screen will be as bright and vibrant as it once was, and the laptop will be fully functioning again.

The problem with fixing any part of the laptop is that it requires a bit of know-how and the proper parts and equipment to perform the fix. Unfortunately, most have neither, and consequently opt to have a hardware specialist perform the fix. The issue with this approach is that the costs associated with the fix, whether parts or labor, are very expensive.

Surely, there must be another way, and that's exactly what Pantallas Express of Mexico had in mind when it launched its online site to offer do-it-yourself LCD screen replacements. People are naturally intimidated when it comes to opening up their electronic devices and pulling parts out, particularly when it is their computer which no doubt holds important stuff like pictures, music, work documents and what not. With every LCD screen replacement, Pantallas Express provides easy to follow guides and loads of pictures to help customers feel at ease with performing the replacement.

Pantallas Express is an online company that recently went live in Mexico, specializing in providing replacement LCD screens for laptops. Pantallas Express is a pioneer in catering to the Mexican market for do-it-yourself LCD screen replacements. Pantallas Express carries screens for thousands of different laptops in various sizes, resolutions and backlight. Pantallas Express also has a list of repair networks where the customer can go if they are hesitant to replace the screen themselves.

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