Michael Tornabe Talks about Google Driverless Cars

Car aficionado Michael Tornabe delves into the workings of Google’s driverless car technology

Online PR News – 22-April-2016 – Brooklyn, New York – “Technology is moving at an unbelievably fast pace, from never-stopping trains to driverless cars. In just a few short years, the way we move from one point to another could be completely different, and even more so as the years wear on”, said transportation network mogul and businessman michael tornabe.

“I’m excited to see what the trains, planes and cars of the future will look like, being a car aficionado myself. We can already glimpse into the possibilities of this future, such as the driverless car from Google, and many other budding concepts aimed at increasing safety, convenience and efficiency, and reducing pollution and operational costs of automobiles,” he stated.

He went on to describe the Google driverless automobile, one of the most famous futuristic transportation concepts currently begin tested. The vehicle, he explained would utilize radar sensors, laser range finders and video cameras to ‘read’ the road and direct the vehicle accordingly.

The test model has already hit the road, according to Google, and has logged over 300,000 miles without causing any accident, according to Google’s engineers. However, one of the most amazing features in Mr. Michael Tornabe’s opinion was its ability to go through a Taco Bell drive-through restaurant, and rightly so. “Imagine the kind of things you could do if you had a car like this!”

He explained to his audience that Google’s motivation for creating the driverless vehicle was to apply technology to give lasting solutions to big problems. In terms of transportation, these would be increasing vehicle safety and efficiency, thereby preventing accidents, reducing emissions and costs as well as freeing up people’s time by changing the very way we use vehicles.

They applied robotics research to create the first self-driving cars, which have each logged more than 140,000 miles without accidents or incidents. The technology, he described in conclusion, is made possible through Google’ vast data centers, which process massive loads of information collected by the driverless cars as they navigate various terrains.

About Logan Bus Company & michael tornabe:

The Logan Bus Company & Affiliates was set up in Logan in 2003 by well-known entrepreneur, inventor and patent-holder, Michael Tornabe. From 700 contracted routes given by the NYC Department of Education, the company has grown to become the largest private school bus operator within the state of New York, plying over 2,000 routes today.

Speaking of the brains behind the operation, Michael Tornabe has always been the entrepreneurial success story, having founded a successful Long Island roofing company prior to the bus company’s inception. While businessman-ship flows through his veins, Michael Tornabe has a passion for cars, preferring to be under-the-hood – in the heart of operations – rather than at the forefront. His excellence with car service rightly distinguishes his fleet of buses among the best-maintained fleets.

Privately, Michael Tornabe avidly supports several charities including the Wounded Warriors, NYPD, FDNY, Queens Boys and Girls Club, and the NY State Troopers. His heart lives to see children protected so that they can benefit from the education that would shape their futures. Learn more at http://www.loganbuscompany.com