Kline Capital Partners of Hong Kong donates $40,000 to assist relief efforts in Ecuador

Kline Capital Partners today donated $40,000 to support their efforts in helping the victims of the recent earthquake in Ecuador.

Online PR News – 24-April-2016 – HONG KONG – Kline Capital Partners said they’ve requested that their donation be put towards emergency relief that’s most needed including food, clean water, shelter and medical aid.

Kline Capital Partners’ Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Richard Soble commented on the recent tragedy saying “In the past week the world has suffered several earthquakes, striking firstly in Japan and then in Ecuador. Both were followed by aftershocks that still continue and each robbed the world of lives. It's a tragedy with broad repercussions, as family members from around the world seek word on their loved ones.”

"While we realize that the road to recovery will be challenging and time-consuming, we hope that the region will soon be able to begin the rebuilding and healing process", said Mr. Soble, Chief Executive Officer of Kline Capital Partners.

Kline Capital Partners, which has offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo, have contributed more than $1million to causes around the world in recent years.

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