Yahoo Mail update introduces new colored themes among other features

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Online PR News – 24-April-2016 – Los Angeles – One of the oldest email service providers in the world, the yahoo mail have recently introduced a number of new features which make it even more attractive and practical to use. Not only that, the email service has been thoroughly upgraded so that it is compatible with the latest technologies that have evolved. The yahoo mail has a number of features regarding the display and looks of the account and the latest addition to this is the colored themes.
About the colored themes
Like many other email service providers, the yahoo mail have also come up with the feature of colored themes are while this does not have any value in terms of the work it performs but the aesthetics of this feature have made it particularly popular among the yahoo mail users. The colored themes are basically reference to the option to change the color of your screen at will. The process is quite easy and even those users who are new to the interface can make these changes easily. Here there are a number of color choices and effects. Hence every user can find a color the like.
Applying the theme
To apply the collared theme by changing the default color of the yahoo mail interface you have to head over to the yahoo settings menu. Click on the settings and from there select the option of display and themes. Select the option for display and within that opt for the themes options. When you click on the themes link, you would be provided with a preview in the form of thumbnails of the themes. Select the color and see the preview for the entire interface and once you are decided click on the apply button to set the theme.
Help regarding the theme application
While the process is easy enough for the new users it can pose some complications. If you are not able to apply this new feature on your own to the yahoo account then you can simply opt for contacting the yahoo experts. The experts can sort the trouble for you through the yahoo customer service helpline number which is available round the clock for sorting any issue that you are facing with the account. The experts are also known for their experienced and knowledgeable handling of all such troubles with the yahoo account.