zDoof Announces Launch of its Beta Site

zDoof is the ultimate destination for the foodies. zDoof has been created by the foodies for the foodies to discover, express and connect.

Online PR News – 24-April-2016 – Shelton, CT – (New York - BUSINESS WIRE) which allows Foodies to discover,express and connect with other foodies and related stakeholders, today announced that it is launching the Beta version of its platform. The initial users are invited set of Foodies, Chefs and Culinary Hobbyists. The platform is scheduled for general release at the end of the summer. The company now is inviting Foodies to submit their names through its Facebook page to be invited to its Beta. zDoof is the ultimate destination for the foodies. zDoof has been created by the foodies for the foodies to discover, express and connect with each other. zDoof is the center for everything food, From experimenting with new recipes and creating healthy meal plans to connecting with the chefs. Zdoof is the power behind the foodies. ZMobile zDoof general release will support both desktop and mobile users. The zMobile platform will have both iOS and Android versions. The mobile users will have access to same set of capabilities as desktop users have. The zMobile platform will automatically recognize the type of device user is using and optimize data plane usage. zDoof Story Have you ever had a craving for a particular dish and did not know where to find it? Even when you found the dish at a restaurant, did you wonder what the ingredients were for the recipe? You might have also been curious about the chef, or how you can recreate the same experience at your own home. You have come to the right place: “ZDOOF IS YOUR ANSWER.” With zDoof, you explore the world of food through your fingertips. Find new restaurants and recipes. Connect with chefs, share reviews and critics. Show your creativity and passion to other foodies without any boundaries. zDoof is the ultimate foodie’s heaven! zDoof’s partners include food lovers, restaurant and grocery store owners. Specialized food and beverage vendors, chefs, bloggers, and food channel content providers are also our partners. zDOOF’s platform can be used by our partners for self-expression as well as connecting and conducting business with each other. Expand your horizon with the click of a button. Connect with master chefs and explore new recipes. Share your own delectable dishes with the world. zDoof is a community for all of those who express their creativity with their recipes and cooking styles. zDoof is the most advanced social network for chefs to connect with a large audiences. Have you ever dreamt of hosting your own cooking show? Well now it’s here! Share videos, blogs and reviews, while connecting with other chefs and culinary hobbyists.