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Online PR News – 22-April-2016 – Calverton, MD – EngagePoint announced the release of EngagePoint Assist 3.0, a rapid self-service application framework for engaging citizens, providers, case workers, administrators and any other stakeholders.
Assist is an application framework that provides agencies with an extremely easy and agile way to deliver self-service capabilities to all stakeholders via desktop, mobile phone, and tablet devices. Assist delivers self-service and conversational workflows within minutes and hours instead of days and weeks.
The types of applications that can be quickly designed and deployed using Assist are vast in the range: enrollment application, customer service inquiry, claim submission, claim status inquiry, life event reporting, eligibility status, payment status, etc. As an example, using Assist, citizens can answer questions and securely provide their personal information online, via their desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

“Assist is designed to engage the citizen, provider, caseworker and administrator, such that agencies can deliver the right benefit to the right citizen at the right time, at the lowest cost to tax payers. Assist is a technological advancement that lets public sector agencies build and deploy self-service capability to any and all stakeholders without having to spend millions in custom built applications”, said Pradeep Goel, CEO of EngagePoint.
Assist 3.0 supports all formats of devices (desktop, mobile and tablets) and provides ready access to device specific capabilities so you can streamline the stakeholder experience. Assist allows for a session to start on one device and be continued on another device.

Assist 3.0 incorporates extensive behavioral analytics that will empower agencies by providing application usage and behavioral data at a very granular level. You can determine which step in the workflow is causing the most confusion, isolate sources of errors and quickly optimize those steps. With Assist, you can quickly identify ways to improve the user experience for each step in every self-service workflow.
“Assist is all about enabling a conversation with your stakeholders without having to write custom apps for the desktop or mobile phones. It is designed to publish any self-service workflows that will engage your stakeholders seamlessly across their desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Whether you are trying to reach millennials or baby boomers, Assist lets you implement, monitor, analyze and quickly adapt the self-service workflow to their usage pattern and need. And best of all, it does not require you to change your existing back-end systems”, said Gordon Nasta, EVP of Enterprise Solutions at EngagePoint.
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