3D FAB LAB LTD Announces Affordable Novio 3D Printers

3D FAB LAB LTD, a 3D printer company based in Hong Kong, introduces its series of affordable yet powerful 3D printers.

Online PR News – 21-April-2016 – Hong Kong – 3D FAB LAB LTD, a 3D printer company based in Hong Kong, introduces its series of affordable yet powerful 3D printers for all creative people who loves creating innovative stuff. They will call their 3D printers as Novio 3D. This will be their groundbreaking range of 3D printing products with breakthroughs in the state-of-the-art of 3D printing technology.

The company recently revealed their series of Novio 3D printers to the biggest and largest electronics tradeshow held in Hong Kong. They are one of the exhibitors that showcases 3D printers in the electronics fair. Since the day they finally uncovered their products, many investors got interested and pledged to acquire thousands of 3D printers once they are all set to be sold in the market. They are also getting ready to step up to another level of challenge for a mass production.

Novio 3D printer has lots of first in the world points of difference that makes it exceptional from the other leading brands of 3D printers and be one of the best 3d printer companies in the world. It has the most amazing feature where a vast number of non-technical people could enjoy 3D printing which enables novices to create good 3D prints due to its software with very user friendly interface.

These 3D printers have simple structural design that made it to be the most affordable 3D printers yet powerful tools for 3D printing. They are engineered and designed to be lightweight, portable and foldable without losing its mechanical configuration. It is long lasting and requires minimal maintenance. Its minimalist design makes the printer accessible, convenient, and user-friendly.

The Company’s Research and Development (R&D) Team is continuously developing for more valuable products to bring to the market focusing on breakthrough technologies.


3D FAB LAB is a roll out company which began as 3D Stuff Makers India and I-Optic Computing Sydney and was established way back in 2011 as a 3D printing incubator R&D factory. Headed by Rob Grosche, this was a private R&D tech company which brought piles of groundbreaking CNC IP to the table. 3D FAB LAB’s board of directors and entrepreneurs includes a powerhouse of Hong Kong nationals, Filipinos, and Australians who are all highly experienced in the business of 3D printing, as well as managing large R&D and manufacturing companies and distribution channels.

Find out more information on Novio 3D printers by visiting their website: http://www.novio3d.com/