Esteemed Photographer Contributes Award-Winning Photographs to Blend, Getty and Corbis Images

Tom Penpark supplies top stock photography agencies with his prized images

Online PR News – 21-April-2016 – San Francisco – The award-winning and internationally achieved photographer Tom Penpark has been contributing his superlative imagery to stock photography companies Blend Images, Getty Images and Corbis Images for the past five years.

Stock photography relies solely on photographers from around the world to generate its media. The contributions made are used to fulfill the needs of consumers universally whose creative assignments require specific, unique content. These images go up for sale on these online databases that are searchable worldwide.

Blend Images is an international commercial stock photo agency founded by some of the most talented photographers in the industry, and distributes to larger agencies such as Getty Images and Corbis.

Similarly, Getty Images is a stock photography agency responsible for providing it's customers with access to more than 80 million images site-wide. Founded in the 1990s by Mark Getty, the company targets creative professionals globally.

Corbis is owned by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and is a Seattle-based licensing agency specializing in digital media for websites, magazines, newspapers, books, TV and films. The company serves more than 50 countries and has offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Penpark's involvement with stock image photography first began in 2011. "I started submitting my photographs to Blend Images after I landed an internship with John Lund, one of the best stock photographers in conceptual photography," Penpark said.

Lund, a current APA SF Board Member, is one of the founding members of Blend Images.

Regarding Penpark’s talents and photographic eye, Lund commented, "Tom is able to pinpoint concepts and subjects that are in demand and deliver files of exceptional quality and detail. He's refined his knowledge of images that work in advertising and social media through his graphic design background. He understands how to create images that facilitate the use of type without sacrificing the power of a strong composition." These qualities in particular are one's that companies like Blend Images and Getty Images look for in their contributors.

Early on in his career, Penpark spent years looking at images from Getty Images and Archive Magazine and dreamed of one day having his own work uploaded, published and available for use by their audiences. "It was just a dream when I was first getting started. After awhile, I thought, 'I should pursue this.' Then, in 2012 I saw one of my images up on Getty Images. It was a dream come true," said Penpark.

From his professional photography to his personal work, Penpark is well versed in his craft and has been both award and recognized as an esteemed commercial photographer. Despite his love for photographing subjects of all kinds, he is known for his work with still life, his specialty lying in the areas of panorama landscapes and cityscapes.

"Tom's work in creating HDR panorama imagery of both landscapes and cityscapes are the best I have ever seen and work beautifully in both fine art and commercial worlds. He has a deep and broad understanding of the entire photography process, from capture all the way through post production," Lund stated.

In addition to being a master of photography, Penpark is also a skilled Retoucher of his images, with vast experience in Photo Manipulation, Digital Assets Management Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, Capture One Pro, Cumulus, InDesign and MS Office.

Over the years, Penpark's framework of success as a top photographer in the industry have been recognized with a massive list of awards and exhibitions. his most recent consisting of the selection and publishing of his work in the Luerzer's Archive Magazine for the 200 Best Ad Photographers editions for 2014-2015 and 2016-2017.

Penpark's stock photography is also commissioned on ShutterStock, Format Selects Collection in Offset and other microstock photo agencies.

"Having my images uploaded and sold on Getty Images and Blend Images means that my work was reviewed by top level photo editors and approved to be sold via one of the largest stock agencies and at an affordable price for its consumers. Not only is it a dream come true, but also such a riveting accomplishment because it means I can prove that I am a commercial photographer. I'm so proud to have my images up there," said Penpark.

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