Community magazine publisher gives new meaning to the term ‘paper trail’

N2 Publishing finds unique ways to go green

Online PR News – 21-April-2016 – Wilmington, NC – With more than 700,000 magazine copies generated every month at N2 Publishing, the back of the print warehouse once resembled a rocky, snowcapped mountain range of paper trimmings.

Late last year, those lofty piles of waste inspired the company's management team to look for ways to minimize N2's environmental footprint. That's when they decided to purchase a paper baler – a machine that takes cuts from the magazines and compresses them into compact bundles that then head to a recycling center.

Each bale weighs approximately 1,000 pounds. To date, they've had two pickups, with the last one collecting 45 tons – 90,000 pounds – of paper that otherwise would have ended up in the local landfill.

"The paper baler was an investment that allows paper scraps created in our production process to be recycled and put back to good use," said Marty Fukuda, chief operating officer. "We want to do our part to be responsible citizens, and this is just one way of making that happen."

Other ways N2 Publishing pushes to be good environmental stewards:
- Instead of buying new office furniture, they always look for used options first.
- Employees are encouraged to bike to work or carpool.
- When the business moved into its new facility in 2015, they installed sensor lights to conserve electricity.

"As we strive to be good stewards of the environment, this is our chance to help make a difference not only where we work but also where we live," Fukuda said.

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