Tillman Hall Capital to recommend Brazilian industrial companies

Tillman Hall Capital today announced the release of its latest series findings on Brazil.

Online PR News – 21-April-2016 – HONG KONG – Research and statistics from January 2015 to January 2016 yielded great potential.

Tillman Hall Capital’s publication canvassed 180 large and medium-sized Brazilian companies seeking their views on prospective plans. The survey conducts proprietary evidence research to validate investment theses on behalf the analysts at Tillman Hall Capital.

Tillman Hall Capital’s Head of Research, Mr. Stephen Knox commented on the recommendations saying “The survey underscores our focus on investment themes that integrate the insights of equity strategists and equity analysts and highlight our commitment to putting clients at the forefront of the most-timely investment debates here at Tillman Hall Capital."

“Brazil hosted a very successful World Cup in 2014 and this coming summer, Rio will host the Olympic Games. So in terms of infrastructure and revenue, Brazil is of strategic importance to Tillman Hall Capital and our clients” added Mr. Knox, Head of Research for Tillman Hall Capital.

Tillman Hall Capital’s Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Marcus White also added “The latest publication is focussed on buying industrials ahead of the strengthening in the corporate cycle. The two key findings of the survey are the following: Corporates seem intensely focused on productivity gains versus raw capacity additions. Investors should watch out for margin improvement in the coming quarters.”

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