Snuvik Technologies celebrates Womanhood with Swanthana Home Care

In this era where we speak about women empowerment, it is heart-breaking to see that most of the kids in Swanthana are not orphans, but abandoned.

Online PR News – 21-April-2016 – Bangalore/ Karnataka – Women are embodiment of love, empathy, care and above all celebration of life. Snuvik Technologies is a startup IT Company based out in Bangalore which believes in “Power of sharing”. This ideology paves a way for Snuvik towards an act of kindness.
“It is not always fun that makes us content, but fighting for a cause also does” say the ‘Snuvikites’. As part of the greater cause to preserve the dignity of women, accompanied by their male colleagues, the women at Snuvik Technologies visited Swanthana - A place where the daughters of St. Camillus fight for respect, dignity and care for the differently abled girl child. They spent quality time with the kids, just to be amazed at their art works and sing along the rhythm of their favorite rhyme, besides speaking to the sisters, to understand the special needs of the kids.
As the saying goes, “No act of kindness - no matter how small - is ever wasted and we are glad that we are blessed and our small contribution towards a worthy cause and human touch, can make a big difference”says Mr. Sudev Alampalli, who is VP, India Operations of Snuvik Technologies. An effective leader with over 18 years of experience in Oracle Technologies and with anintent to stand up for the society, he mentors and encourages his team members ‘The Snuvikites’, to contribute back to society and support the less fortunate.
In this era where we speak about women empowerment, it is heart-breaking to see that most of the kids in Swanthana are not orphans, but abandoned. Be it a 4-month old Sruthi (name changed) or a 15-year-old Swati (name changed), all are subject to discrimination. The children there look forward to meeting outsiders, and in spite of all their health problems, we see positive energy filled in the atmosphere; which gives us personal direction on how to be content in life and face it with positivity. It is not about the 50-odd kids that we need to think about, it is about the enduring cause that gives rise to such homes. We pride ourselves on development, on economic growth and technology; we talk of being a global power,but silently ignore those hooded figures roaming amongst us, to eliminate gender issues in the womb itself or immediately after birth.
“Somewhere, the humanin us needs to wake up and the society in which we live, needs to be educated on the need of spreading love and care to those differently abled siblings among us, and work towards celebrating the spirit of womanhood,” says Priyanka, HR Manager from Snuvik Technologies.
It is not always standing up for something, but celebrating the spirit of women around you is also important. To embrace one such occasion, earlier this month, women of Snuvik had a surprise day-off from work, loaded with lots of excitement. “The day started with a special bouquet from our male colleagues, and we had a surprise hunt,” says one of the ‘Snuvikites’. Be it the surprise of travelling without knowing the destination, the funof shopping, bowling, the grand luncheon with colleagues or the selfies with tiara “we are overwhelmed the way we were treated” says another.
While their celebration has ended for the day, and their contribution has helped, as you read this article, there are many such homes which are deprived of help. All we can do is wake-up, educate and stand up for the cause.Swanthana is one such home which cares for the girl child and Snuvik is one company which has adopted and taken the responsibility to support the cause.

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