John Haag Has Developed Four ways he Helps his Customers at CallisterHaag

John Haag, Managing Partner at CallisterHaag, has developed a systemized approach to his turnaround management services.

Online PR News – 20-April-2016 – San Francisco,CA,USA – John Haag has developed a four-part system for how he uses his teams at CallisterHaag to help all of his clients. Haag has decades of experience as a turnaround manager, brought in to help companies avoid crisis and assist them through difficult transitions. Haag and his team also help companies develop new systems and approaches to their work that help them expand their market reach and improve their bottom line. He works with companies to secure venture capital when needed and works with venture capital firms to find the best ways and places to finance and refinance their portfolio companies.

John Haag has worked hard to develop his leadership and business management systems. The four pillars on which he built his team-based systems with CallisterHaag are: discovery, triage, stabilization, and optimization.

First, John Haag and his team at CallisterHaag discover where the problems are coming from for a business. They do this by communicating with all stakeholders to better understand the context of the business or investment. Haag works to understand all of the complexities surrounding each of his clients’ business and takes time to work out all the intricacies of the business or investment.

Second, John Haag fixes the most pressing problems in the business, from management, to staff, to small parts of the business plan that no longer are effective.

Third, Haag stabilizes the business with the right people in the right place at the right time. He knows his team well and works hard to understand his clients’ teams well so that he can position personnel in places where they can be most effective.

Fourth, John Haag optimizes all teams and systems, putting in place the practices that make good performance a habit and not a high bar to try and reach. Haag always has high expectations for everyone, and he helps everyone he can to hold themselves and each other accountable for their work.

John Haag has used his nearly three decades of experience in boardrooms and offices of large companies and financial institutions to create the systems that he knows work to turn around businesses as quickly as possible.

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