MarketsandMarkets Published 3D IC - Advanced Technologies and Global Market (2010 - 2015)

The advances in semiconductor technology brought in the demand for faster and energy efficient interconnects to be used in semiconductor devices.

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To define the global 3D IC market
To measure the global 3D IC and its various sub-segments, technologies, fabrication methods and applications.
To identify the major driving factors and inhibitors
To analyze the trends and forecasts of the main market and its segments
To identify the major stakeholders in the market and draw a competitive landscape for the market leaders
To analyze the trends and opportunities in major regions, viz. U.S, Europe, and Asia.
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Report description

The advances in semiconductor technology brought in the demand for faster and energy efficient interconnects to be used in semiconductor devices. Usually, interconnects face the challenge to meet up the demands for speed for data transfer. In addition, a marginal increase in speed is coupled with a significant increase in the energy requirements and hence results in a higher operating temperature. To meet the extended demands, 3D ICs came as a solution. Two types of 3D ICs were put into the picture- one was heterogeneous in nature and the other is stacked simple 2D ICs. They consume less energy compared to the simple 2D ICs and also are much faster compared to their 2D counterparts. With all the companies in the interconnect market conducting extensive research to improve the performance, 3D ICs will surely be a mainstream technology in the next five years. Though their application in 2009 is limited to only some memory chips and semiconductor technologies, but the companies have plans to implement this technology to more complex products, for example by 2014, the 3D ICs are planned to be integrated in vertical devices on CMOS technology. Considering the huge investments being made, the market will surely hold tremendous potential for the early movers but huge investment for R&D is a compulsion to succeed in this market.


Our report analyzes in detail the important types of 3D IC structures like heterogeneous and stacked 2D ICs. We have also included in-depth research on the 3D IC technologies and 3D IC fabrication technologies like Beam Recrystallization, Process Wafer Bonding, Silicon Epitaxial growth and Solid Phase Crystallization. This report also discusses the reliability issues of 3D ICs like thermal stability, EMI issues, etc and the advantages that 3D ICs induces in interconnect design and performance. The applications of 3D ICs like CMOS Image sensors, 3D stacked memory, Multicore processors with cache memory, Multi-level 3D IC and Vertical device on CMOS have been included and analyzed in this report. We have done an in-depth geographic analysis for each of the markets and their sub-segments, covering the major regional markets, viz. U.S, Europe, Asia and Rest of the World.


The intended audience of this report includes:

3D IC manufacturers
Interconnect manufacturers
Technology consultants
Research Labs
Memory device manufacturers
Microprocessor design and manufacturing companies
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