Study of NeverStrip Products Released, Named Safer Alternative to Competitive Floor Wax Strippers

A recent one-year study reveals that NeverStrip products are a safer alternative to floor wax/strippers on commonly used VCT found in schools/ public buildings.

Online PR News – 19-April-2016 – La Grange, Illinois – A recent one-year study conducted by the Institute for Research and Technical Assistance (IRTA) reveals that NeverStrip Floor Coatings products are a safer alternative to floor wax and strippers on commonly used vinyl composition tile (VCT) found in most schools and public buildings. VCT requires a significant amount of maintenance to maintain a shiny, polished look. Additionally, VCT flooring requires frequent waxing, periodic stripping and several new coats of wax. This floor wax stripper, which has been commonly used for many years, contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contribute to photochemical smog; it often contains toxic components and it has high pH levels.

The one-year study was sponsored by the University of Nevada Reno and the Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network (WSPPN), with funding from EPA Region IX, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the Institute for Research and Technical Assistance (IRTA), a technical environmental nonprofit organization. The aim of the project was to identify, develop, test and demonstrate safer alternative floor wax strippers.


Although IRTA's initial focus was on developing and demonstrating alternative floor wax strippers, the project was broadened to include other methods of reducing or eliminating the use of high-VOC content, toxic floor wax strippers. As part of the project, IRTA examined three strategies which included: (1) developing safer alternative floor wax strippers, (2) applying coatings over VCT that do not require waxing or stripping (3) installing alternative flooring in place of the VCT that does not require waxing or stripping.

Buildings still using VCT flooring should consider switching to higher performing, lower VOC coatings versus wax, such as NeverStrip Vinyl Seal, NeverStrip Gloss and NeverStrip UV Resilient Gloss. These coatings produce an attractive appearance, which lasts and a more sustainable future without stripping. The IRTA Report says, "These alternatives to wax should be used in schools and public buildings to reduce the health and environmental risk to maintenance staff, teachers, students and the public."

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