42 Million Women Are Tired of Being Broke; PoshONPennies Online Magazine Debuts!

PoshONPennies Online Magazine Debuts; Empowers Women to Glam Up Their Finances.

Online PR News – 20-April-2016 – San Francisco, CA – Ungenita Prevost, former Hollywood body double turned international ‘Pen Up’ and entrepreneur, has just released an online women’s magazine that’s not just about looking pretty. It’s about empowering women to confidently stand in their femininity, fall in love with their lives and bring forth their gifts and talents unapologetically. PoshONPennies is for women who are intelligent, savvy, thrive on breaking stereotypes and shaking up the status quo.

Women make 85 percent of purchasing decisions, yet one in three women in the US lives in economic insecurity. That’s a shocking 42 million women. It’s time to stop skirting around the economic crisis in this country, and find real solutions for women. One third of Americans between ages 18-34 are living back at home with their parents and some women feel their only option is to be rescued by a man. Why? Because of a five letter word we know very well: MONEY. Yet "financial intelligence" is not trending on social media as a woman’s most viable asset.

Truly a first of its kind, PoshONPennies is a hybrid of a lifestyle magazine, talk show and personal development website. The site is promoting a new face of feminism and filled with ideas, tools and resources that will catapult a woman’s self-confidence, self-worth and self-love. Deemed “The Tony Robbins of Beauty,” Ungenita Prevost is the world\'s first beauty empowerment coach whose humble beginnings are from the inner-city projects of New Orleans. She has not only made her mark in Hollywood, but has also empowered women across four generations, Gen Z to Millennials and Gen Xers to Baby Boomers.

PoshONPennies (a play on Powerful, Original, Successful with Heart) features articles on beauty, style and glamour. But this isn\'t your typical chick mag. “Female Empowerment” surges from every page. Readers will learn how to make an impact in the world, fuse their talents with their purpose, raise their wealth consciousness, create success and live a life filled with passion and purpose.They will cash in on self-ownership, create a new relationship with the dollar bill and understand the value of making, saving and investing in themselves.

With an unapologetic point of view, the magazine covers a brigade of topics about feminine leadership, entrepreneurship, mindset makeovers, and jet setting around the world, skin care, closet makeovers, men and money.

PoshONPennies' goal is to energize, inform and inspire women with original premium content, to own who they are, live without limits and value what they do with a razor sharp focus on net worth and self-worth, inside and out.\"Discounts are for the mall. Life is not meant to be lived in the bargain bin,\" said PoshONPennies\' Empowerment Coach and Founder/Chief Innovation Officer Prevost.

Ungenita Prevost was in the foster care system and got her walking papers at 18. The odds were not in her favor. She didn\'t go to college, and knew what it was like to have zero support. She experienced the horror of being homeless, jobless and broke. But she rolled the dice and went for her dreams. She made mistakes and met failure, but she made it. Prevost comments, “It’s not about the fall…it’s what you do when you get up."

PoshONPennies features the following:
• The Beauty Reboot: A Facebook contest with a life-changing prize, a 101-Day Inner/Outer Makeover.
• POSH Pennista Feature: A la Cosmo Girl, each month a young woman who exemplifies the PoshONPennies philosophy will be featured. POSH Pennistas are chosen from more than 10,000 followers on the PoshONPennies Twitter page. The Shark Tank edition launching this summer will feature women entrepreneurs who landed lucrative deals on the ABC megahit.
• The Ungenita Prevost Show: Watch her entertain, educate and empower. Weekly videos will be presented by Ungenita Prevost for “Glamour Girls On The Grind.” Check out a sample show here: http://poshonpennies.com/poshonpennies-tv/how-to-make-money-selling-in-stilettos
• Looks For Less: Celebrity lookalike ensembles, including clothes, shoes and accessories, for under $300.
• The Billion Dollar Beauty Club: Network with a supportive group of women and build profitable joint ventures in a private Facebook group for fans of PoshONPennies.

About Ungenita Prevost and PoshONPennies
Brains, business and beauty is not just a catchy phrase. Ungenita Prevost lives it every day. Known for her jaw-dropping marketing, copywriting, sales and branding strategies, she currently works with start-ups and multi-million dollar brands, and loves showing women entrepreneurs how to leverage their assets with a drop-dead gorgeous mindset makeover. Ungenita has the street smarts and business savvy to empower women to increase their self-worth and net-worth. She will soon open membership to her online feminine leadership program, “SellingINStilettos - Women. Money. Power.” Prevost will also soon launch a Fashion line – “Empowerment Couture” - the world\'s first clothing line financially empowering women. For more information on Ungenita Prevost or PoshONPennies, contact Jill Beaverson at 314-281-4458 or mediasharkpr@gmail.com # # #