EES lends a hand of support to the Petrochemical Industry in South Africa

Proudly launches specialist Refinery Support Base Operating Systems outside Johannesburg,South Africa.

Online PR News – 12-October-2010 – – EES has lended a hand of support to the Petrochemical Industry in South Africa with the proud launch of its specialist Refinery support operating Systems outside Johannesburg in South Africa. Every year, massive destruction is caused in many parts of the world due to lightning strikes over the floating petroleum tanks. This destruction may sometimes lead to demolition. Thus, EES has come forward with this great initiative of specialist Refinery support base Operating Systems in the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa. The SA's team specialism is providing solutions to counter this type of issue for the Petrochemical industry in South Africa.

EES's specialist Refinery Support Base Operating Systems is a cost effective preventive measure that helps in preventing fires triggered by lightning and it also increases the shelf life of your tank, thereby delivering high performance in a corrosive environment. It is very economic as the initial cost is low and in return it offers a high ROI. It can be easily installed within just 2 hours on both new and existing tanks. The maintenance is also very economic. It’s easy to Maintain, virtually no upkeep compared to shunt technology. Just routine maintenance. EES has engineered this technology in the service of humanity to avoid any destruction from lightning in near future.

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