Premium Quality Summertime Cattle Panels Available at New Bridge Services to Make Things Effecient

The cattle handling equipment offered by the company are designed precisely to give utmost help to the cattle

Online PR News – 15-April-2016 – Berwick – Melbourne, 15 April, 2016: With careful research and consideration people can build the perfect shelters for their cattle to protect the animals from extremities of changing weather. A brief study of the pasture may help in designing the optimal structure and placement. This can be made easy with the wide assortment of cattle handling equipment offered by the trusted Australian company, New Bridge Service. The company is a certified supplier of a variety of products that are manufactured at its own units located in China, Taiwan and India. The detailed manufacturing skills of the company help it to provide products of impeccable quality at the industry best prices. These also include cattle panels in Australia.

New Bridge Services believes that it is very important to provide proper shelter to the cattle in order to ensure their complete safety. The company understands that it may be a natural windbreak provided by the shade from a tree, or a rain refuge by any man-made structure, cattle always seek and need shelter to protect themselves. Besides, many researchers even believe that cattle don’t necessarily need run-in sheds, but at times they certainly look for some form of shelter from various climatic changes. The need of a shelter however may depend upon various factors including, a cattle’s health status, climatic conditions and various other management practices.

What type of shelter one provides to the cattle mostly depends upon the region’s climatic conditions. Cattles that live outdoors 24/7 require maximum shelter from extreme weather conditions – heat, wind or water. New Bridge Services provides cattle panels and shelters in various shapes, sizes and dimensions which are sure to cater to each and everyone. Heavy duty Cattle Yard Swing Gates, Heavy duty Man-way Swing Gates, Heavy duty Sliding Gates and Head Bail are some of the other cattle handling equipment that the company offers.

About the Company

Australia based New Bridge Services is a supplier of a wide range of products used in different domains. The company has its own manufacturing units located in Taiwan, China and India. The raw materials used in production are sourced from ISO 2010 approved manufactures.

Incepted in the year 2001, New Bridge Services specialises in manufacturing products that include F.R.P Grating, Expanded Metal, Steel Grating & Handrails, Filter Press Cattle Handling Equipment and Composite Decking. Detailed descriptions of the items are available on the official website and further enquiries can be made by speaking to the representatives directly.

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