CCM International announced the launch of Lactic Acid China Market Report

In November 2009, CCM published a market report Production and Market of Lactic Acid in China based on the 2007 edition.

Online PR News – 12-October-2010 – – China has witnessed fast development in the past few years, playing an important role in global lactic acid supply. Basing on the original report finished in early 2007,CCM released a market report in November 2009 named “Production and Market of Lactic Acid in China” to figure out the general production and consumption situation of lactic acid in China and find out the opportunities for foreign players.

The data from China’s industrial biotechnology development report released in 2009 showed China’s lactic acid output accounts for about 30% of the global total in 2008. Obviously, China is an important player in the global lactic acid market. However, the lactic acid manufacturers in China have faced an awkward situation of over-capacity. In the import and export aspect, in accordance with CCM’s Valo tracer (Dynamic Database), after a rapid expansion, the growth of export began to slow down since 2005, amounting to 25,000 tonnes in 2008; while the import kept increasing with CAGR of 20.24% in 2003-2008, due to China’s increasing demand for high purity lactic acid.

According to CCM’s investigation, lactic acid consumed in PLA has surpassed in the food and beverage industry globally. However, in China, food and beverage are still the major consumption fields, which accounts for 75.28% of China’s total consumption. For the consumption in PLA, it is drawing more and more attention in China. PLA industrialization in China is likely to achieve a breakthrough in recent years, said CCM’s lactic acid industry researcher Yingbo Song.

Through explorations in above key aspects, CCM finished an updated market report in November 2009. In this new lactic acid issue, CCM mainly focuses on the following points;
>The production situation of China’s lactic acid in the past few years and in 2009
>The major manufacturers and exporters of lactic acid (Henan Jindan Lactic Acid Technology Co., Ltd; Wuhan Sanjiang Space Gude Biotech Co., Ltd, etc, 15 producers in all)
>The price trends of China’s lactic acid
>The import and export situation of lactic acid
>The commercial opportunities in China’s lactic acid industry
>The key factors influencing the development of lactic acid industry
>The development trends of lactic acid in the following five years
>The opportunities for oversea players in China’s lactic acid industry company

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