Melton McClanahan Joins Liberty Health Net!

The sales pro and experienced direct marketer says he’s been downsized for the last time.

Online PR News – 04-April-2009 – – Fairfield, CA—Melton McClanahan, a former mortgage broker who also worked in pharmaceutical sales, has joined internet marketing powerhouse Liberty Health Net (LHN). “I have been downsized 6 times in the past 19 years,” said McClanahan. “I decided last year, after the last lay off that enough was enough! I always thought that working for someone else was security. Then I realized that to really achieve financial security and freedom, I had to create it for myself.”

After his last layoff, one of McClanahan’s friends introduced him to an opportunity in internet marketing. McClanahan had previously dabbled with multi level marketing (MLM) but was turned off by the old school approach of soliciting family and friends. Despite an extensive background in sales, McClanahan moved on. When he looked at the internet marketing home based business, he immediately saw the benefit of staying healthy and building wealth. On the internet, the leads come directly to the entrepreneur. The opportunity he was looking at was Liberty Health Net.

According to McClanahan, Liberty Health Net has a turnkey program that allows the online entrepreneur to market to people 24/7 without having to recruit friends and family. They also have marketing gurus in place for support, and no prior internet marketing experience is required. “I joined Liberty Health Net because it allows me the opportunity to build a business from home and free up my time to spend with family,” McClanahan said. “I have been to the bottom of the recession and am now on my way back. I’m really looking forward to bringing people with me to the top. The way I see it, if I have to work as hard as I am right now then why shouldn't I work for myself? I’m going to build my own business and not someone else’s.”

Liberty Health Net was founded by network marketing legend Jim Price in February 2001. Jim started the nutritional company with the intentions of having it be refreshingly different and ethical. He wanted people to have the BEST chance for SUCCESS that they could possibly have and he was content to making very little on each product sold in order to accomplish this! LHN is in 64 countries with less than 30,000 representatives. With a small investment less than $40 with no application fee, you could be up and running with our own business. Also as an added bonus the back office is totally free which includes websites, autoresponders, and leads to help jump start your nutritional internet marketing business.

Melton McClanahan is a business coach and mentor based out of Fairfield, CA, that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online health and wealth business with multiple incomes streams. For more information and to contact Melton visit: