Entrepreneurship Made Simple! Announcing Marketing Biz in a BoxTM

Starting a small business becomes easy with Marketing Biz in a box – an internet business marketing licensing and franchising program from Jenesys Group LLC.

Online PR News – 22-September-2009 – – Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Starting a small business nowadays is very easy. Ideas are a dime a dozen and the internet have created a global market place and technology has made it easy for global buyers and sellers to interact real-time. However sustaining a small business is tough. Most small businesses lack the resources and infrastructure necessary to expand when there is demand and shrink when there is a downturn.

Successful companies are ones that focus on building a long-term pipeline and those who can flex their work force to accommodate peaks and valleys.

Now, people interested in starting their own businesses that can survive beyond the first few years have a new option.

Marketing Biz in a BoxTM provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own business and sustain it without any ongoing overhead costs.

Jenesys Group, an online marketing company located in Michigan launched Marketing Biz in a Box to fill a need in the business opportunity market place. Marketing Biz in a Box provides a would-be entrepreneur the opportunity to start an online marketing company with a very low investment cost. A Marketing Biz in a Box license includes hands-on training in all areas of online marketing and comes with collateral, website, and ongoing hand-holding and support.

“So many business owners seem to have bought themselves a job”, says Nipa Shah, the creator of Marketing Biz in a BoxTM. “These business owners play the roles of head chef, bottle washer, and maître D for their own businesses due to lack of resources and high overhead costs. Marketing Biz in a BoxTM frees entrepreneurs to focus on sales & business development activities while making sure that the detailed work is done by experienced and trained resources who don’t cost an arm and a leg”, says Shah as she explains the value proposition offered by Marketing Biz in a BoxTM.

Marketing Biz in a BoxTM offers would-be entrepreneurs the opportunity to build a six-figure or greater revenue while working flexible hours and without any geographic limitations. Best of all, licensees pay no ongoing costs for the license and keep 100% of their profits.

“We are being selective in who we add to our licensee pool because our success is dependent on the successful business growth of our licensees”, says Shah. Shah is pleased that within only two and a half months since launch, Marketing Biz in a BoxTM has added three licensees, one each from Michigan, Idaho, and Florida. Shah also states that “the Internet and Social Marketing field is exploding and our licensees will become those trusted partners that small businesses will lean on to get visibility and branding online”.

To learn more about Marketing Biz in a Box, visit www.jenesysgroup.com and click on the “Become our Licensee” page. Or for more information, feel free to send an email to admin@jenesysgroup.com or call Nipa Shah at 248-470-6299.

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