Body Face Shop Launched for New Mommies

Body Face Shop is launched in Canada, to meet the increasing demand of natural health products.

Online PR News – 12-October-2010 – – Vancouver, British Columbia The demand for natural health products has increased considerably in the last 5 years. People no longer wish to take pills that are either addictive or has possible side effects. The demand for these natural products is significant among the elderly and new mommies (especially those around their late twenties). Today people are bombarded with thousands of different health supplements. And the irony here is that some these products are sold as ‘natural pills’, even though the product may have less than 1% of natural ingredients.

To meet the increasing demand for these natural products, Body Face Shop Canada has launched a new shop to provide products that are natural, safe and free from side effects. Body face shop does not provide medicine or any over the counter drugs. Body face shop is focused on beauty and health tools. Some tools don’t health don’t even use electricity and are completely portable. Some of the best selling products are the ChiSoft neck traction device and the ice face roller.

“At Body Face we understand that over the counter pills can be addictive and can cause side effects. Hence we’ve come up with a range of products that are to be used externally and to help the body promote the natural health process.” says Jake, Product Manager of Body Face Shop.

When asked about their latest products, Jake says, “Customer’s can now shop online through our secured and user friendly website, for our latest products such as cervical neck traction device, back heating pad, back massager, aromatherapy diffuser ( ), ice face roller and many more. For those who aren’t too sure which product is the best for them, they can speak to our customer service representatives, who have a thorough understanding of our products. Our customer service are well trained and can help you out”

Body Face Shop has done an intensive market research before launching these natural health products by using advanced survey tools and calling the existing customer back for feedback.

Body face shop is promoting the brand using Social Media Marketing to reach the new mommies. A Facebook and Twitter page has already been set up. People can follow Body Face Shop at

Besides social media, Body Face Shop will be using online advertising such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Campaign.

For the baby boomers, which are usually between 50 and 60 years old, Body Face Shop will be using traditional marketing methods such as flyers, brochures and advertising the local newspaper.

Since the launch of Body Face Shop Canada in March, the number of visitors has increased with 200%. This is mainly due to the social media marketing and the branding strategies.

About Body Face Shop: ‘Body Face Shop’ is a distributor of natural health products that are safe and cost effective. Through their user friendly website, one can shop for the latest body and facial products.

Visit their website , to know more about their latest product and discounts.