Arnold Wragg’s EcoStud product solves the problem of critical bolting

An innovative new product is set to reduce the high risks and significant potential costs of breakdown or leakages caused by bolt or stud failure.

Online PR News – 11-October-2010 – – The EcoStud, recently launched by Sheffield-based fastener manufacturing specialist, Arnold Wragg Ltd, provides a cost effective answer to the safety risks caused by bolts and studs losing tension in operating conditions. It combats fastener fatigue failures and leaking joints by combining a high quality fastener and an accurate tension controller within a single integral unit.

With bolt or stud failure regularly identified as the cause of serious problems such as leaks in petrochemical plant, maintaining the correct level of tension in studs has the potential to save money and significantly reduce safety risks. The EcoStud bolt makes it easy to identify studs that are losing tension and to correct them before a leak starts. The bolt can be used to replace ordinary studs during an outage. As EcoStuds are a direct replacement, only the original size, material and required preload needs to be specified.

The EcoStud is fitted with a stainless steel rotor which is locked when the stud is tight, but becomes free to spin when the stud begins to lose load. A simple fingertip test instantly establishes whether the stud is still tight, simply by checking if the rotor will spin. It is a very quick, accurate test that requires no special tooling, training or expertise.

The Ecostud also provides exceptional accuracy due to an integral tension gauge in its centre which directly measures the strain in the stud to an accuracy of +/-5%. It does not have the unavoidable, large friction error present in all torque control systems.

One example of use is a wind turbine blade which typically has 60 retaining studs – 180 studs per generator for the blades alone. These studs are subject to high vibrational fatigue loading and must have the correct tension to avoid fatigue failure. Checking the EcoStud takes minutes, compared with the traditional method of engaging the torque wrench back onto each stud and applying the wrench 60 times for every blade.

The EcoStud is another milestone in Arnold Wragg’s well-established history of innovation. Paul Brown, Technical Director at Arnold Wragg, commented: “We are very proud to launch our new EcoStud product because it offers a solution to critical bolting for many different industries. Research has proven that the EcoStud offers both great versatility and great reliability – helping to cut the high risks and costs of joint failure.”

For more information about the Ecostud, please contact John Hirst, EcoStud Project Engineer, on 07525 246936.

About Arnold Wragg

Arnold Wragg is the UK’s market leader in the manufacture of high integrity fasteners. Serving all markets from defence and power to Marine and Offshore, the company is an approved supplier to BAE Systems, GKN Aerospace and Rolls Royce Marine. It is approved to ISO9001:2000 and EN/AS9100 quality assurance standards and is a member of the Specialist Technologies Aerospace Group, an international group specialising in the supply of aerospace components.

For more information, contact:
John Hirst
EcoStud Project Engineer
Tel: 01225 790691
Mob: 07525 246 936

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