Insiders HQ Reveals Main Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Fail - Creators Offer Solution to Problems

Ran Arrousi and Phil Monsour show case studies on how anyone can make money online - the easiest way.

Online PR News – 11-October-2010 – – Ran Aroussi and Phil Mansour say that Insiders HQ is the "next big thing in internet marketing and it sure is taking the world by storm". These two marketers have created an internet marketing training that will teach people who want to earn online everything that is needed to put up an internet business.

Insider HQ covers the two important elements of internet marketing, the affiliate business development, which according to the two, is missing in most IM courses and Advanced Traffic Generation Techniques. These two elements hold the key in creating a long-term affiliate business that could generate income a person’s desired income.
According to Aroussi, the business development course will deal with creating a good foundation for an internet business. From Rapid Product Creation and Lead Distribution down to Community Leadership, Relationship Marketing and Profiting from Other People’s Talent (OPT), Insider HQ got it all covered.

For Traffic Generation Techniques, Mansour says that students will learn all about the different kinds of techniques. Demographic Marketing, Niche Research and Traffic Generation with the help of CPV, PPC, Pay-Per-Call, Media Buying, Direct Mailing and International Traffic are just a few examples of what students could learn.

The program has two courses, both running for six weeks each. In each courses, the students will be given weekly training modules that will be delivered in the membership area. Two unannounced bonus weeks will also be given to the students as extra incentive.

Insider HQ has free MP3s, videos, and PowerPoint slides in PDF format that students could use as guides once these students start building their internet business. To make sure that students stay on track, a PDF formatted checklist will also be provided.

To make building the business easier, Aroussi and Mansour has recommended all the top tools and resources that could help students out. The recommendations cover the data, advertising money and software that students could use.

In case students have any other questions, the two marketers have placed mini-forums in every module to allow students to ask and exchange ideas. Also, a monthly mastermind coaching group has a bi-weekly Q&A where students could ask Aroussi and Mansour questions which will be answered thoroughly by the two marketers.

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