Developing Technologies in the Water and Air Purification Systems

Bharatbook added a new report on "Water and Air Purification Systems and Products: Residential & Commercial" which gives a comprehensive assessment of both air and water treatment needs and its growth.

Online PR News – 11-October-2010 – – Water and Air Purification Systems and Products: Residential & Commercial

This research report concerning the Water and Air Purification Systems and Products: Residential & Commercial presents an in-depth analysis of the development, applications, products, technologies, manufacturers, and trends for products that help make indoor air cleaner and healthier and water purer, both for consumer usage as well as industrial and commercial applications. In developed countries, water is generally clean and safe to drink and air pollution, except in some large cities and industrial areas, is typically low. Nevertheless, indoor air and drinking water in developed countries are not without their problems and can adversely affect human health or otherwise make living and working conditions less appealing. In undeveloped and underdeveloped countries, however, water is often contaminated (when it is available) and indoor air quality is low, primarily as a result of using coal and biomass fuels for heating and cooking. From an industrial and commercial perspective, the need for clean air and clean water is essential to many manufacturing and operational processes. ( )

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of both air and water treatment needs and technologies, economic and cost considerations that have limited their growth over the past several years, consumer and business demand, potential opportunities for additional growth, and an assessment of developing technologies and market trends. Projected growth through 2015 for both of these markets for both consumer and industrial needs is provided including discussion of economic conditions, environmental impacts, consumer and business demand, stakeholder concerns, and government activities as they affect growth rates. The report also profiles manufacturers and marketers of air and water treatment products and the strategies they have adopted to maximize growth and profitability.

Scope and Methodology

This report includes both primary and secondary research. Secondary research data have been obtained from government sources, trade association publications, business journals, and company literature. Statistical data are included for industry revenue, on a global, regional, and country-level scale. The market size for both the air and water treatment markets is projected from 2010 to 2015.

Potential applications, development trends, environmental issues, consumer behavior, and business considerations are also reviewed and analyzed. Market size estimates and forecasts are based on government and secondary sources, and the impact of factors such as health and environmental concerns, economic considerations, and consumer and business demand for products that can clean indoor air, make living and working environments more comfortable, and make water purer.

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