Wibu-Systems and 3S-Smart Software Solutions Join Forces to Combat PLC Software Piracy

Platform independent software protection for embedded controller

Online PR News – 11-October-2010 – – Karlsruhe, Germany—Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are a specialized computer used in industrial settings as diverse as knitting machines, chemical plants, and robotic assembly lines. PLCs provide a programmable link between software and industrial equipment, replacing hard-wired relays that were difficult to modify.

But along with progress comes crime: increasingly PLCs are carrying valuable software and intellectual property (IP) that is being pirated by criminal enterprises around the world. Now Wibu-Systems of Karlsruhe and 3S-Smart Software Solutions of Kempten will jointly work to provide strong protection against piracy and reverse-engineering for PLC systems. Wibu-Systems’ award-winning CodeMeter software protection system will soon be available for CoDeSys customers, the two companies announced today. The objective of the development agreement is to provide a standard tool for protection and licensing of PLC applications transparently deployed along the complete automation cycle.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems AG, said, "We have already extended our strong protection in CodeMeter to embedded systems running Windows and Linux. Now with our planned support for CoDeSys to protect PLC-based software new business models will open for many CoDeSys customers. Whether copy-protection, integrity assurance, IP security, or system availability, the ability to protect controllers without adversely affecting performance is critical.”

Dieter Hess, Managing Director founder of 3S-Smart Software Solutions said, "In the future, we at 3S-Smart Software Solutions will be able to provide the user with comprehensive protection for all applications developed with CoDeSys based on the sophisticated technology of Wibu-Systems; ranging from protection of applications and libraries on the target system to project file encryption, and using the dongle as a password substitute for authentication."

CoDeSys is a leading supplier of tools for professional PLC application development based on IEC 61131-3. CoDeSys is used by industry partners of most diverse branches: machine engineering, mobile applications, energy and systems engineering, control engineering, component and embedded systems engineering.

CodeMeter from Wibu-Systems currently supports all common platforms spanning Windows Mobile, CE, Embedded, XP, 7, and Server to several Linux distributions, as well as Mac OS X and Sun Solaris. Up to 6,000 product licenses, from multiple software vendors, can be securely stored in the smart card chip with a variety of physical form factors, including USB, CF, SD, µSD, or ASIC. Alternatively, a pure software based activation uses an encrypted and signed license file.


For more details, visit: http://www.wibu.us, http://www.codemeter.com