DormCo Presents New Ideas on How to Make up for What a Dorm Room Lacks

DormCo presents things a dorm room lacks and how to make up for it with compact dorm storage solutions.

Online PR News – 26-March-2016 – Buffalo, NY – College dorm rooms lack certain dorm items and areas of dorm storage. The college room can be quite small, even more so when the area is shared with a college roommate. With the college room lacking certain dorm storage areas, the college student may feel like certain dorm essentials won’t able to be brought to college. However, with compact, creative dorm storage solutions, the college student can greatly increase the amount of dorm room storage.

The college dorm room will lack dorm room storage in mostly two areas. There will be a lack of pantry space and a lack of dorm desk storage. The college dorm desk may not have upper shelves or drawers. In fact, some college dorm rooms may have neither. Stacking books, notebooks, and other desk essentials on top of the desk is not an option when there is only the small surface of the desk available. That space needs to stay available for the college student to study, work on homework, and have a laptop or tablet set up. The dorm storage solution to make up for this lack of dorm room storage for desk accessories is to invest in desk shelving like a desk bookshelf. This dorm necessities item will create space for college textbooks, notebooks, and more to be stored on the desk without taking up work space. Should the college desk also lack drawer storage, a thin plastic drawer organizer can be added underneath the desk while still allowing the college student to have leg room. This dorm organizer is perfect for college textbooks that won’t be in use until later in the semester and extra desk supplies such as notebook paper and writing utensils.

There are going to be times the college student cannot or does not want to eat in the college cafeteria. This means there will be certain convenient food options such as macaroni and cheese or cereal kept on hand and cooking items for these food options. The only place to store these dorm essentials is in the college closet. However, this can easily result in spilled food on clothing, and the college student won’t want to keep pots, pans, cooking utensils, and food near clothing items. Having a slim rolling pantry cart where these food items can be stored is essential. With a slim rolling cart, these items can be kept in one convenient location that can easily fit between a desk and the mini-fridge or wherever there is some extra space in the dorm room.

While the Residence Hall Room can lack certain dorm storage areas for dorm supplies such as study accessories and pantry items, these dorm essentials can be easily stored with compact dorm storage solutions. With compact, designated dorm storage solutions for each of these dorm necessities, the college student can have a more organized, clean dorm room.

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