Collection Complaints? What To Do If You Are Harassed By A Bill Collector

New hotline designed to report the abusive actions by rogue bill collectors. Consumers may call the Collection Complaint Hotline. If they have been victims of abuse, they may turn the tables and seek compensation. Settlements are being awarded to consumers.

Online PR News – 21-September-2009 – – Waxhaw, NC September 21, 2009 -- When senior citizen Dorothy Jones got home from having heart surgery, she thought the worst of her troubles were behind her. Then she got a call from a debt collector who didn't care that she was recently hospitalized. "He called me a thief, a liar, and said he was glad I wasn't his grandma." After days of the calls and abusive language, Jones found herself back in the hospital due to the stress and anxiety. Weeks later, she received a large check as a result of the collector's obnoxious behavior.

Victims like Dorothy can now call the Collection Complaint Hotline at (800) 379-0688. Since many collection agencies still believe that being "nice" doesn't get the bill paid, some continue to use threats or find other ways to harass to get people to pay up. According to the FTC, collection complaints have risen steadily since 2003. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a code of conduct which collection agencies must follow by law. If they continue to call you at work after you ask them not to, or treat you rudely, or disclose your debt to any third parties; you may be entitled to money damages. "If they violate the requirements under the law, a victim can receive a speedy settlement, typically around $1500," says attorney Jeffrey Hyslip. In addition, the debt collector is required to pay the attorney fees for anyone that successfully sues them. Consumers can call the hotline to speak with a counselor about a troubling experience they are having with a collection agency. If a violation is found, the department will file a collection complaint and seek compensation from the collector. Hyslip, a former debt collector himself, has assisted over 5000 consumers with collection complaints. The group has helped victims recover over $3 million in the form of settlements. The Collection Complaint Hotline has been a useful ally for numerous consumer groups.

For more information contact the Collection Complaint Hotline (800) 379-0688. This is a free hotline for consumers. The department receives a portion of the proceeds from settlements reached. Therefore, no fees are due for the service unless a settlement is paid to the victim.

The Collection Complaint Hotline is one of several relief hotlines managed by CareConnect USA. Families and employees can connect with resources for financial relief nationwide. Their other help lines include assistance with Debt Relief, Mortgage Relief, tax relief, and free bankruptcy advice. All hotlines can be found at

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