When Hiring a Personal Injury Law Firm, Look For Experience in Accident Cases

Attorneys from the New York City injury law firm of Lurie, Ilchert, Mac Donnell and Ryan, LLP, a team of injury law professionals that average 30 years of client service, say that experience is what sets the best accident law firms apart from the rest.

Online PR News – 21-September-2009 – New York, New York – “When looking for a personal injury law firm, it is imperative to find a team of attorneys that have an outstanding record that is the result of long experience, total concentration and mastery of accident law and every phase of trial techniques,” says George W. Ilchert, Esq., a partner at the Lurie Law Firm (http://www.limrlaw.com), a leading New York City injury law firm specializing in personal injury cases. “No part of your case should be handled by an inexperienced lawyer, or even by a lawyer with a moderate amount of experience.”

Ilchart says that a good accident lawyer should have experience in handling every type of personal injury case and that there should be no problems, and no defense strategies, that they have not faced and successfully overcome.

“Many clients whose cases were already rejected or dropped by other attorneys have come to our firm, for example, because we know what it takes to win,” says Ilchart. “We take pride that we have accepted some of those impossible cases and turned them into big winners. Experience really does count.”

According to Ilchart, a personal injury law firm must investigate its client’s accident to the fullest and the most important key to success is to undertake a prompt, thorough investigation of the facts of the accident as soon as possible.

“That is the time when investigation is most likely to yield positive results,” he says. “Unfortunately, this is something that many attorneys, possibly most attorneys in this field, badly neglect. Perhaps this is because of the high cost of the investigation, or their lack of knowledge of the intricacies and possibilities of a first class investigation.”

Ilchert says that a good accident attorney will fully develop and carefully present evidence demonstrating continuous pain and permanency of injuries and their effect on the quality of life, the permanent loss of the ability to work, or the drastic restrictions on the ability to work, the resulting loss of income over a lifetime, and in appropriate cases of severe injuries, the high cost of home care, past and future medical, surgical, rehabilitation, hospital, drug and nursing expenses.

Established for more than 50 years, Lurie, Ilchert, Mac Donnell & Ryan LLP, located at 475 Park Avenue South (32nd Street) New York, NY, 10016, specializes in representing victims of all types of accidents including construction and demolition, falls from ladders, scaffolds, and roofs, automobiles, trains, and busses, babies with cerebral palsy and other brain damage, general medical malpractice, saws and electrical tools without guards, and slip and fall cases. For more information, call 1-800-679-4227 or visit www.limrlaw.com.

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