The Best Cities to Live and Enjoy a Vacation Rental

With so many different destinations and resorts to choose from, the Mercer 2009 Quality of Living survey has outlined some of the world’s best locations to live and enjoy a vacation rental.

Online PR News – 21-September-2009 – – As 215 of the world’s cities are covered by the survey, it is not an entirely representative study, but it gives potential holidaymakers a flavour of the world’s most exclusive resorts.

The survey is completed on a points-based system and below is the top 10 destinations to consider for a holiday vacation rental:

10. Sydney
Stunning beaches and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, Sydney is a world-renowned vacation destination. Landmarks such as the Opera House live long in the memory of visitors.

9. Bern
A charming, quintessential Swiss city, Bern contains a lot of heritage, previously the home of Albert Einstein. The area is safe, friendly and full of culture to be explored.

8. Frankfurt
The pinnacle of the European banking centre, Frankfurt is a powerful and sophisticated city with plenty of character. Futuristic skyscrapers and gothic German architecture are just some of the main sights to see.

7. Munich
The capital of Bavaria also boasts a number of spectacular gothic buildings and is now a pillar of strength after its redevelopment following World War II. A city with great sporting and entertainment tradition.

6. Dusseldorf
The driving force behind German fashion and business, Dusseldorf is a vibrant and technologically-advanced city. Its world famous carnival attracts millions of visitors year on year.

4= Auckland
Despite its sleepy reputation, Auckland is an exciting, multi-cultural city with spectacular scenery. Two beautiful harbours bursting with aquatic fun provide great enjoyment for families and couples alike.

4= Vancouver
Believed to be amongst the cleanest living cities in the world, Vancouver is a beautiful and comfortable place to spend a vacation. With its diverse culture and awe-inspiring skyline, Vancouver is Canada’s jewel in the crown.

3. Geneva
Best known as the home of the United Nations and Red Cross, Geneva is a stunning, tranquil vacation destination. Spectacular lakes and mountain ranges create an idyllic backdrop for a visit.

2. Zurich
One of Europe’s richest and most affluent cities, Zurich is an impressive, eclectic city with a distinct European feel. Powered by its strong business district, Zurich maintains a particularly stylish way of life.

1. Vienna
The leading contender as the world’s best place to live, Vienna is a charming historical city with cultural and sporting tradition. The birthplace of two of the world’s key researchers, Sigmund Freud and Marie Antoinette, Vienna’s glorious architecture and Austrian tradition shines through. offer amazing deals on holiday property rentals with locations all over the globe - Find a fantastic holiday rental deal online today at high street beating prices.