SAFCOL Tuna Named Australia's Most Fish Friendly Company

SAFCOL named Australia’s most sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing company.

Online PR News – 31-March-2016 – Sydney, Australia – It’s 70 years since SAFCOL (South Australian Fishermans Co-Operative Limited) was founded by a group of South Australian Fishermen to sell their catch. SAFCOL is proud to confirm that because every single fish they catch for every single one of the tins of tuna they sell in Woolworths, is caught individually by a fisherman with a fishing rod, they are Australia’s most sustainable and environmentally  friendly fishing company.

We’re proud of our environmental record. Safcol is the gold medal winner in mainstream retail

It’s called “pole and line” where fishermen literally catch every fish with a pole and line. SAFCOL is ranked highly by Greenpeace, a non-commercial company who do not accept payment for the use of their logo , and do not endorse brands, and who audit SAFCOL regularly to check on SAFCOL’s systems and processes. SAFCOL pioneered sustainable fishing in the Australian retail market, and having established the gold class of sustainability, SAFCOL is encouraged to see other big brands slowly changing the way that they fish. SAFCOL encourages those who have recently changed their fishing methods to take further steps to joining SAFCOL in the gold class of sustainability.

Andrew Mitchell, CEO of SAFCOL says, "We’re proud of our environmental record. SAFCOL is the gold medal winner in mainstream retail, with the world’s gold standard fishing practice and the world’s most sustainable tuna species being placed in our cans, according to Greenpeace, pole and line is the ultimate best practice in sustainable fishing. It is for this reason that we rank so highly with Greenpeace, because we supply tuna caught by pole and line. We have been doing this for years and have recently noticed others who have moved into the silver class of sustainability, and we encourage them to move into the gold class with us, by fishing pole and line.

"There is still work to be done however, due to the activities of many unethical seafood and fishing companies, over 180,000 tonnes of marine life are killed each year. In addition there are reports of some fishing companies using slave labour and cheap labour. SAFCOL is proud of our ethical standards and labour practices. We invite the public to support Sustainable Seafood Day, by shopping with care and supporting companies who are doing things right like SAFCOL," concludes Mitchell.