Empowers Players to Enhance Agility, Speed, Balance and Power
Approved for Use by National Federation of High Schools

Online PR News – 09-October-2010 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Contact: Andrea Retzky for Position Tech at 917-587-5473 or andrea@retzky.com

CHICAGO, IL – October 8, 2010 – Position Tech, a new company founded by former NCAA football players from Northern Illinois University, today introduced the first customizable replacement football cleat system, enabling players to enhance their power, agility, balance and speed. The National Federation of High Schools has approved Position Tech cleats for use by high school players, as the cleats meet all of their safety guidelines, and NCAA approval of the Position Tech cleats system is pending. With the 2010 football season now underway, the Position Tech customizable replacement cleat system is a critical purchase for ensuring that players stay competitive throughout the football season.
“As former NCAA football players, we’re incredibly excited to bring this product to market,” said Erek Benz, CEO and co-founder of Position Tech. “In football, the demands upon each position differ significantly, from defensive linemen to wide receivers, and we know that successful footwork is instrumental to beating opponents. Position Tech is the first company to change the game by enabling players to better leverage their skills and talents through customizable performance cleats.”
“Many of my players are wearing Position Tech’s replacement cleats, and have told me they feel as if they have an advantage out on the playing field,” said Steve Nye, head football coach at Brother Rice High School in Chicago, Illinois. “As a coach in such a competitive game, I am looking for every edge I can, and Position Tech delivers.”
While playing NCAA football in college, Position Tech’s founders were never satisfied with current generic cleat options, as they are not customized for players’ various positions and playing styles. They realized that the football cleat is one of the few key elements of football players’ equipment that has not been significantly updated since the 1920s. The Position Tech customizable replacement cleat system has been precision-engineered to offer these distinct advantages and benefits:
• The agility cleat aids in rapid change of direction, offering greater traction and stability, enabling rapid direction shifts, and facilitating precision cutting
• The balance cleat enhances stability and precise footwork, aids in traction and stability, and facilitates precision footwork
• The power cleat supports explosive force, sharp, fast movements and increased power
• The speed cleat increases stride efficiency, facilitates quick deceleration, supports horizontal acceleration and vertical movement

The unique cleat design integrates both positive and negative traction elements into the standard conical design, and Position Tech’s innovative screw-in replacement cleat is patent-pending. Position Tech’s cleats are available for purchase on the Position Tech website at www.position-tech.com. The web site guides players through the purchase process, assessing their position and playing needs and then recommending appropriate customized replacement cleats.

About Position Tech, LLC
Erek Benz, Dan Nicholson, Christian Anderson, and David Pickard founded Position Tech, LLC in 2008 shortly after they graduated from Northern Illinois University (NIU), where Benz and Nicholson played football. Throughout their years of playing football, the founders were never satisfied with the football cleat options in the market, as they comprised generic cleats not customized for players’ various positions and playing styles. While in an entrepreneurship course at NIU, Benz envisioned a multi-island sole structure on a shoe that could be customized to the individual positions on the field. He decided to pursue the endeavor full-time, and Position Tech was born. You can follow Position Tech on Facebook and Twitter; for sales and more information please visit www.position-tech.com.