Top Internet Consulting Marketing Business, WSI, Celebrates With Marketing Marine Andrew Nguyen

World’s largest Internet Marketing Consulting Company Salutes WSI Franchisee Andrew Nguyen as he Marches Into His Following Year After A Year of Fantastic Profit margins

Online PR News – 09-October-2010 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Toronto, Ontario, October 5, 2010… WSI franchisee operator Andrew Nguyen is going into his second year and this internet marketing marine is persuaded that service to his country gave him the expertise to move into the business world with the worlds #1 digital promoting and marketing company, WSI. In his first year the online mogul garnered revenues at the executive level and rounding out 2010, he has about 100 clients, two partners and four staff members with the expectancy that he will acquire close to 5 times higher his next time at bat.

Ron McArthur, President of WSI says, “He’s a very active guy, who is aware that one of the primary fundamentals of WSI is establishing working relationships.” McArthur states that Nguyen is in the top 200 or 300 of WSI’s 1,000 plus franchisees.

Nguyen 30, travelled the world as a marine a year after the 9/11 assaults and wanting to do more for his nation. “I can’t describe it except it put a fire in me, standing there seeing it, (the towers) and feeling helpless, I wanted to actually be apart of the resolution.”

After his four year tour with the Marines, Nguyen decided he wanted to be apart of another set of resolutions and make his mark in the business world, and determined turning into a WSI Franchisee was a way to make it happen. When he returned from duty, Nguyen went to the University of North Texas and received a bachelor degree in business and administration and Entrepreneurship. While in college he was an intern for a franchise consulting company, Entrepreneur Authority, and gained a mentor in its chief executive, David Omholt.

“People with a military background are so self-disciplined, processed driven and have the tenaciousness about them not to accept disappointment,” Omholt said, “And true to form, Nguyen was the most desirable intern we ever had.”

Nguyen also relishes the independence that comes with being a franchisee owner of WSI. Running a WSI franchise allows for Nguyen a flexible foundation which makes it possible him to take off to New Orleans for two weeks of Reserve education every few months and succeed from anywhere in the world so long as he brings a cell phone and personal pc. He also tops that off with graduate school at SMU and is on track to graduate in May with a master’s degree in entrepreneurship.

More plans for Nguyen include starting a nonprofit in 2011 which will stimulate veterans to take an entrepreneurial path of their own. “I genuinely have a love for America and what it has allowed for me, and I am often looking for ways that I can give back,” said Nguyen.

WSI which is known for its non profit leadership is presently running a campaign, “Investing in America” which is aimed towards American veterans. The program offers the possibility to purchase a WSI franchise at half the price. The advertising campaign will run for a constrained time.

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