Award Winning Director Badr Farha to Direct the Upcoming Film 'Margaret'

Badr Farha, who's known for his work as the writer and director of "The Last Conversation," will direct Bang Bang Pictures upcoming film “Margaret.”

Online PR News – 15-March-2016 – Los Angeles, CA – After the success of his recent film "The Last Conversation," which was produced by Bang Bang Pictures ("When Negatives Collide"), Badr Farha has teamed up with producers Javier Del Olmo ("The Minotaur") and Regina Bang ("To Die or Not to Die"), the founders of Bang Bang Pictures, to develop the film "Margaret," which is slated to begin filming in April.

Producer Javier Del Olmo says, "Working with Farha has been such a creative endeavor. His passion for storytelling, more importantly human centered storytelling that is both deeply emotional and relatable, is one of the reasons I've chosen to continue our collaboration. His work on 'The Last Conversation' made it pretty clear that he would be the only director who would be able to serve justice to the compelling story we have developed for the film 'Margaret'."

Lucia Moerk, who is known for her roles in “The Delicious” and “Big Shot,” will take on the starring role of Margaret, a conflicted nun who escapes to a convent as a last resort in hopes of redeeming her destiny and fate, in the film.

Christopher Callen ("Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"), who played opposite Don Lucas ("General Hospital," "Dead Grandma") in Farha's heart wrenching drama "The Last Conversation," will return to the screen as Mother Superior of the convent in Farha and Bang Bang Picture's highly anticipated new film "Margaret."

"I could not think of any actor more acrobatic or nuanced in performance to play Mother superior in the role of Catherine than Christopher, her work in the last conversation has left me spellbound till today," says Farha.

When Negatives Collide

The film, which marks the newest production of the sought after team of filmmakers at Bang Bang Pictures, was written by Lauren Guerra an American writer, whose writing explores complex concepts with simplicity and neutrality.

Prior to forming Bang Bang Pictures, Del Olmo, Bang and Farha combined forces on the film “Deliver Us,” which won the Imagine Film Challenge during the Cable Show in 2014, as well as an award of $10,000.

"It was a great milestone and looking back it served me as the universe’s tiny vibration or whisper to continue on this trajectory," recalls Farha.

Soon after wrapping production on "Deliver Us," Farha doted his powerful creative vision to Bang Bang Pictures' films “When Negatives Collide” and “More Than Words,” both of which were included in the 2015 Cannes Film Festival Court Metrage.

In fact, award-winning cinematographer Michelle Castro (“Chypre,” “The Delicious” ), who will be joining Farha and Bang Bang Pictures on the upcoming production of “Margaret,” also wrote and directed “When Negatives Collide.” The film, which was nominated for multiple awards last year at festivals in the U.S. including the LA Shorts Fest, International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts Los Angeles and the Studio City Film Festival, is yet another testament to the fact that a golden team has been formed between Farha, Castro, Del Olmo and Bang as they continue to impress audiences with their work.

Additionally, the film “The Last Conversation,” which was written and directed by Farha and produced by Bang Bang Pictures, earned the Award of Recognition at the 2016 IndieFEST Film Awards; and you can check out the trailer for the hit film here on Vimeo.

The powerful drama follows one man as he struggles to deal with the emotional turmoil of living a life filled with secrets only for them to be exposed right before his mother's death and the guilt that ensues in the wake of her passing. Not only does Farha's film reveal his ability to execute a strong and thought provoking drama seamlessly on screen, but it serves as a testament to his talent for writing poignant and relatable screenplays.

"The Last Conversation" also includes a touching score by renowned international composer Julian De La Chica. The score, which was performed by the Scorchio Quartet in New York, sets a beautiful pace for the film and proves why De La Chica has become such a sought after film composer in recent years. Audiences in New York will have the opportunity to catch Julian De La Chica, who is the founder of Irreverence Group Music (IGM), the Scorchio Quartet and Radmila Lolly at Carnegie Hall in New York on March 28 where they will perform live during the IGM 2016 Gala Concert.

Aside from the films he’s done with Bang Bang Pictures, Farha is known for his work as the art director of the film “A, B, C or D"” which earned praise across the globe including the awards for Best Short Film and Best Cinematographer at the Golden Pomegranate International Film Festival in China, in addition to being chosen as an Official Selection of the prestigious NYC Independent Film Festival and the California Independent Film Festival. He was also the art director on the films ”Goetia,” "Behind the Curtain" and the new series “Seven Year Switch,” which premiered on FYI Network in 2015.

As a writer and director, Farha brings a seasoned level of skill and unparalleled creativity to his work that makes every project he touches a success; and, with the team at Bang Bang Pictures behind him on the upcoming production of "Margaret," the new film will assuredly be something for audiences to look out for upon its release later this year.