Cognitive Behavioral Training May Be Missing Piece In Employee Wellness Programs

SelfHelpWorks Offers Online Courses to Help Promote Healthier Workplaces

Online PR News – 16-March-2016 – San Diego, California – Workplace Wellness Programs have become a pillar of importance since the healthcare overhaul, and SelfHelpWorks has designed a suite of online training courses to ensure they actually do reduce population health risk for employers and insurance companies.

The Real Problem With Workplace Wellness Programs

Studies have shown that while employers truly trust the idea of wellness programs, many fall short again and again when it comes to results. One of the biggest drawbacks? Lack of effective behavior change programming to address costly issues like obesity, smoking, inactivity and stress.

Cognitive behavioral change specialist, SelfHelpWorks, takes a completely different approach to fill the gap in wellness programs.

One of the reasons weve had such success is that our health coaching courses simulate live seminars. Theyre completely digital though so you dont have the scheduling or privacy issues you do with live or telephonic coaching. Employees can log in at their convenience completely confidentially from a PC tablet or smartphone said Ryan.

"Most programs that deal with behavior-related issues try to get people to change the behavior itself, but that's a temporary fix. Behavior begins in the mind, not the body. The real problem is that there are hidden emotional switches or triggers driving the behavior, and that's what our online coaching courses seek to remove," said the company’s founder, Lou Ryan.

The science behind SelfHelpWorks is a fresh evidence-based approach that means lasting behavioral change, making employees healthier on a daily basis. It also means results that employers and insurance companies can count on again and again.

How It Works

When employers launch SelfHelpWorks, they get a powerful wellness portal that gives employees instant access to online courses addressing a variety of unhealthy behaviors. Secure and fully HIPAA-compliant, the system allows employers to engage users with specific courses targeted to meet their individual needs. The courses target important issues like smoking, obesity and unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, and managing stress, diabetes and alcohol.

Extensive real-time reporting is included, which gives employers the ability to track usage and progress and make meaningful population Health Management decisions. Live user and client support is built into the system, which can be customized to meet individual employer needs.

Video sessions within each course include interactive quizzes as well as other multimedia features to build out a feel of a live coaching experience that will maximize engagement.

"One of the reasons we've had such success is that our health coaching courses simulate live seminars. They're completely digital, though, so you don't have the scheduling or privacy issues you do with live or telephonic coaching. Employees can log in at their convenience, completely confidentially, from a PC, tablet or smartphone," said Ryan.

For employers looking to build a better wellness program, SelfHelpWorks is clearly the way to go.


SelfHelpWorks is the leading provider of online video-based cognitive interventions for reducing population health risk. The interventions are designed to produce permanent behavior change using an evidence-based cognitive behavioral training approach derived from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). They target important issues such as obesity and unhealthy eating, tobacco addiction, diabetes, chronic stress, alcohol abuse and inactivity. SelfHelpWorks interventions, which are primarily offered by health plans, hospitals and corporate wellness programs, are delivered conveniently and affordably via the Internet so that virtually anyone can take advantage of them.

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