Nün Academy – New private international bilingual school to open in Jeddah 2016

Nün Academy is a new private international bilingual school that teaches according to a proven and successful method for KED the personalized learning.

Online PR News – 15-March-2016 – jeddah – At the Hilton Hotel on March 3rd , Madares Al Tafawoq Al Marefi Al Ahliya will host a lunch to announce the launch of Nün Academy, its new private international bilingual school. Nün Academy teaches according to a proven and successful method for personalized learning, the KED Program™, that puts the student at the center of all activities in the school.

Nün Academy is a new kind of school that will challenge its students to reach their full potential, prepare them for the best universities in the world, yet still have them grounded in their religious, linguistic and cultural heritage.

Nün Academy opens in September 2016 with Early Years 1-2 and Years 1-2 according to the international IGCSE Cambridge curriculum.

PERSONALIZED LEARNING - Through its collaboration with the Swedish Kunskapsskolan Education Group (KED), the school will be able to provide personalized learning which puts the student at the center of all activities in the school. Understanding that time, space, curriculum and teachers are all resources that support student learning, the KED framework has redefined how a school uses these resources. With weekly guidance from their personal coach, the students set and work towards their own personal goals, with the ambition of achieving high final results. This approach leads to a school culture that is affirming and respectful of individual interests and learning styles, and where the students take ownership of their learning.
The use of this program has led Kunskapsskolan schools to consistently achieve academic results above comparable schools and national averages, making its students well prepared to study at colleges and universities around the world.

INTERNATIONAL CURRICULUM – The curriculum of the school has been developed based on the international IGCSE Cambridge curriculum and rigorously adapted to ensure Arabic fluency and conformity with Saudi Ministry Guidelines for Saudi International schools. Both the Arabic language and Islamic studies curriculum have been enriched to allow for more effective language development and more internalization of values and character development. The curriculum development started in 2014 and will be going on continuously.

BILINGUAL PROGRAM - Arabic, which embodies communal culture and history, will be on offer in every grade by highly skilled teachers who are painstakingly recruited and continuously trained. The Curriculum will start as a predominantly Arabic Curriculum in pre-school and lower primary levels combined with English language training. Gradually, content and teaching will be increasingly in English, with the objective to reach international test and exam requirements and hence providing the student with a sound basis for successful international college studies.

GLOCAL APPROACH – Nün Academy recognize the importance of educating students for life in a global village where international understanding is a key skill. However, the more globalized the world becomes, the more important it is to also preserve a strong knowledge of and anchorage in your own language and culture. Nün Academy prepares the students for this globalized world by grounding them locally while exposing them globally. Apart from the school’s curriculum being “glocal” (global and local), Nün Academy is part of the KED Network connecting over 40 schools, 15,000 students and 1,500 teachers on 3 continents. Being part of this network allows the school to get global input on its local teaching. Educational Directors meet regularly to continuously develop the KED Program to ensure its high quality and teachers and students interact and collaborate virtually and face to face through exchange programs.