Platinum Plus Services Introduces Advanced Data Recovery Solutions for their Clients

Platinum Plus Services, the well known PC and Mac computer repair and recovery services are bringing innovations to aid their clients.

Online PR News – 16-March-2016 – Glendale, CA 91204 – March 2, 2016; Los Angeles: Platinum Plus Services, the well known PC and Mac computer repair and recovery services are bringing innovations to aid their clients. Damage to the hard drive is a nightmare for companies as it involves vital and often irreplaceable company data. In a bid to help their clients spread across Pasadena, Los Angeles, Glendale, Hollywood, and Burbank, Platinum Plus is upping the innovation quotient.

They offer flat rate solutions to their clients at $300 irrespective of the volume and services required. In the coming times too, the clients can expect the same commitment with affordability and quality thrown in together. They are all for the latest technology use to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive one of their most popular services. Virus attack and other factors may completely erase the data from the hard drive spelling out big losses for the clients.

Platinum Plus has a well-established team of certified engineers experienced on the technology front. They use prove software solutions to salvage as much of the lost data possible from the damaged system. These people will also provide back up of the crucial files to bring peace of mind for the companies. Los Angeles Hard Drive Recovery methods are time consuming and highly specialized. Through the introduction of the latest technology inputs, the company is also offering remote assistance. They have a help desk in place that contacts the clients and take them systematically regarding the measure to take.

The help desk team is deployed for assistance 24x7. They use only proprietary and state of the art software solutions and hardware inputs for retrieving the maximum possible data volume. Clients can delete files haplessly when formatting or this can be a result of malware attack. Corruption of the existing hard drive may also be a reason behind complete deletion of data. These surely are difficult times for the companies. Platinum Plus Services understands the importance of restoring data very well. They are constantly in touch with the technology companies associated with creation of recovery systems to provide timely assistance and curb the damage.

Use of technology innovations bring down the time for Los Angeles Hard Drive Recovery of vital files while minimizing the associated costs as well. Their decision to introduce further technical advancements surely is welcome news for their clients. One can surely expect improved services and better resolve from the service provider in the coming times.

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Platinum Plus Services based in Glendale California is a name synonymous with Apple MacBook Pro repair and data recovery solutions. They are specialists at data recovery from the damaged drives. Besides this, they also have 24x7 repair and troubleshooting services. The company offers Keyboard Replacement, Repair of Water Damage, Repair of Hard Drive, Trackpad Repair, and Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive. Clients can also contact them for repair of disk drives, MagSafe, and logic board. Other than that, they also offer buyers removal services, LCD and blue screen repair. They work as one stop shop for their clients in California.

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