HS Metal Product Launches Patented Ground Screws And An All-Condition Post Anchor

HS Metal Product has launched the self designed and patented ground screws which is best in quality among the rivals across the globe.

Online PR News – 16-March-2016 – China – HS Metal Product has launched the self designed and patented ground screws which is best in quality among the rivals across the globe. The product is rigorously researched and designed so that it has minimum stress concentration. The process involved in making the product aims at maintaining the uniform grain size in order to impart uniform properties to the screw throughout.

Keeping in mind the environmental protection, especially in highly industrialized hubs of Beijing, Tianjin and many such places, the scientists studied new material-fiber composite for ground screws. The material-fiber composite helps in production of the screws without shrinking, welding and galvanization. Fiber ground screws were made previously, albeit small in size but the company aims to introduce it in different sizes and designs.

Ground screw is made of a conical steel pipe which is converted with the help of automatic shrinking machine. This helps in proper and uniform shrinking and also improves the production rate. After shrinking, the helical grooves are made on them which help them in steering inside the earth during installation.

The special design helps the screws to penetrate easily and hold the soil once installed. The screws are designed to counter maximum stress and hold the structure intact with the base even if no concrete is used. HS Metal Product focuses on quality and innovation. Its continuous hard work in providing new and better technology products is an example of the success in research and development undertaken by the company.

The company has five patents registered in which two certificates are for Utility Model Patent and three certificates are for Design Patent. The continuous strive for better product has made the company the leader in the manufacturers of ground screws.
The company has been manufacturing the post anchors for the last fifteen years and has maintained its standards and name in the international arena successfully. It is a leading supplier of the post anchors throughout the world. It has defied all odds in the marketing and the affordable pricing has put pressure on the rivals to improve their quality and reduce the product cost.

The company supplies the products in all parts of the world from Asia to America, Oceania to Europe and Africa. The large buyers also get an option to get the product specifications modified according to their needs and the specialties they want in these products. The company provides an after sales guarantee of two decades on almost all its products which shows the reliability of the products manufactured by the HS Metal Product

The post anchors developed by the company are all weather, all climates and any soil type product which can be used in any condition. The scientists can modify the product specification according to the requirements after going through the soil investigation report of that place where these anchors and screws are to be used. The variety in design and quality of the products also increase the range of the products manufactured by the company. The company also entertains the clients who want to get these products manufactured as per their designs and drawings.

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