The iOs App- Orderly helps you manage your to-dos just as the human mind works in prioritizing a day’s tasks and set goals.

Online PR News – 14-March-2016 – San Jose, CA, – Tekton Technologies announces the biggest update to its flagship comprehensive to-do-list manager- Orderly. Orderly is a unique way to manage daily schedules using quick note down, visual to-dos, auto prioritisation, location based reminders, unlimited folder creation and works perfectly with iOS simple gestures. The personal task manager is designed to use a natural way to create and manage to-dos, it works with how the mind visualizes things to be done, showing tasks in a three level glance. It helps to decide quickly which ones to work on and what’s coming soon.
“Orderly is designed to help you put your daily tasks in perfect order. Regarding priority and importance” Said an executive, Jafar, C.E.O of Tekton Technologies, “ We carefully designed the App to help you organize the same way your mind will work in organising your plans, making the App very easy to use and thereby increasing effectiveness. Orderly is available on the iOs platform. The App is designed with a very simple interface, making it very simple for you to do quickly manage your day. We are very confident that this is the best to-do-list app you will ever use, and we think you will too. With an easy-on-the-eyes design, no extra key strokes functionality, the integration with time and location makes it perfect for you.”
A to-do-list application can make the difference between an effective day and an unorganized day. It helps in putting things in order and increases productivity. One of the best ways to maximize a day is to have your daily plan and prioritize them, either written on a sheet of paper or saved on your mobile. Having a to-do-list can motivate you and help you set and achieve clarified daily activity goals; by reinforcing a task/appointment, making it less likely that you forget.
As said by Rajesh, “This iOS App makes life a lot easier and effective, you will never have to carry a pen to keep your memos” He states further, “whether its ideas, notes or reminders, Orderly makes it very easy for you to make a note quickly down. With simple iPhone gestures, you can quickly to manage your to-dos in the most natural way.”
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