SOLA Snacks Is Raising the Bar on SavorySnacking Sola Bar is a healthy snack nutrition bar

FRISCO, TX, March 15, 2016 - Amidst all the buzz about savory snack bars, one trailblazer is about to emerge: Sola Bars by SOLA Snacks, LLC.

Online PR News – 13-March-2016 – Frisco City,Texas – SOLA Snacks – a new entry in the savory snack category – is “raising the bar” with the product launch of Sola Bar. These irresistiblemunchablecrunchables will answer consumer cravings for new exciting tastes with nutritional value in a savory, wholesome meal bar.Health-conscious eaters are going to drool overhaving unique bold flavor options with extremely low sugar content. Sola Bars contain 1 – yes just 1 – gram of sugar–about the lowest for nutrition bars.

SOLA Snacks’ patent-pending process removes the need to use sugar as a binder. The bars are rich in healthy oils that come entirely from nuts and seeds.Their flavorsare derived solely from healthy herbs and spices without having to use flavor extracts. They may look like just another pretty snack, but Sola Bars were conceived with multiple purposes: as a filling stand-alone meal replacement, meal accompaniment, and in-between meal snack. They burst with flavor through intense combinations of crunchy peanuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. The folks at SOLA Snacks don’t want to leave consumers feeling hungry,just blissfully satisfied.

You could say Sola Bars have expanded the nutrition bar category. They’re healthy and versatile, a treat consumers can reach for at home or take on the road. Unlike bars currently in the market that are overwhelmingly sweet, Sola Bars can be paired with a sandwich, fruit, soup, or wine (or just about anything). Extremely low in sugar, good sources of fiber and protein, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free … Sola Bars contain nothing that you can’t find in your pantry or can’t pronounce, and are not fortified with fiber or protein isolates. Are there any other bar makers that can make these same claims? It’s the first anytime, anywhere, anyone snack-meal bar that delivers this kind of guilt-free eating experience.

Now for the line-up. Sola Bars are starting out with four varieties.Two lean toward hot and spicy,one is tangy and aromatic, and another merges slightly sweet flavors. Each is thoughtfully matched with complementary herbs, seeds, and spices with a base of peanuts, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, and sesame seeds:

• Chipotle. Smoky, complex and mildly spicy chipotle peppers join cilantro, thyme, mustard, and onion.
• Jalapeno. Intense, hot jalapeno peppersare cooled down with rosemary, oregano, and anise seed.
• Roasted Garlic with Sea Salt. Nutty, aromatic roasted garlic, onions, thyme, and sage with a pinch of sea salt create a peak savory experience.
• Cinnamon. Spicy and lightly sweet cinnamon blends with tangy nutmeg, ginger, cloves and refreshing cilantro.

Consumers will be able to buy Sola Bars online; so will wholesalers and others who wish to order in bulk. Retail outlets and other distribution channels are beingdeveloped. For more information visit