Author speaks of the sublime qualities that exist in relationships,sanctified in Divine Purpose &Love.Discover how to make these treasured values your very own.

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In a most poignant moment of deepest realization ~ Dolly Parton's mother avows to her beloved husband, "I want to be with you eternally, not just for this life alone, but forever!" Tears and a breathtaking silence filled the air, and from that point on, all things changed. (Coat of Many Colors, NBC Special ~ Christmas, 2015) Find out how to achieve this exalted state in and throughout your most cherished relationships, and make your most heart-felt dreams a living reality.

In her new book on DIVINE ROMANCE & PERFECT PARTNERSHIP ~ The Immortal Principles & Powers of Divine Love!”, Author Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff speaks of the sublime qualities that exist in relationships, sanctified in Divine Purpose and Love. Discover how to make these treasured values your very own, and how to sustain forever, blessing all in your world now and those yet to come.

“There is no doubt that the greatest mantra for Divine Relationship exists in the Timeless and Immortal words ~ Where there are two or more gathered in my name, there I am!" ~ Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff

About the Author

The Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff is the noted founder of New Thought Institute of New York, and New Thought International, Inc. (An Association of Global Centers for World Peace and Enlightenment). She is also the celebrated author of Bridge of the Gods ~ The Golden Pathway to Your Highest God Self, Divine Prosperity: Secrets to the Kingdom, Living the Miracle Consciousness, and Songs of Eternity: Contemplations, Meditations, & Treatments on the Word of God!

Dr. De Coff received her Doctorate of Divinity at the United Nations 50th Anniversary, in recognition of her stunning evolutionary series of books on Global Divine Consciousness. Dr. Linda has spoken on Universal Spirituality and Advanced Consciousness Themes all over the world, and is frequently featured on radio shows, nationally and worldwide. In her “other life”, De Coff starred in many leading roles, receiving rave reviews, as a noteworthy Broadway and film actress, working alongside the like of Rex Harrison, Christopher Lloyd and Danny DeVito.

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DIVINE ROMANCE & PERFECT PARTNERSHIP ~ The Immortal Principles and Powers of Divine Love!
By: Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff
ISBN: 978-1517494612
Paperback: $24.99
Available at and all other major on-line sites, and local bookstores. Digital Formats exclusive on Amazon.

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“I was captivated from Page One” ~ Barry Finlay/Award Winning Author/Kilimanjaro & Beyond!

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