Makati-Based Outsourcing Service Provider 365Outsource Expands to Data Entry Services

SEO outsourcing provider 365Outsource entered the data entry outsourcing field this week. It rolls out a new wave of turn-key solutions for companies involved in the legal and medical fields.

Online PR News – 08-October-2010 – – Makati, Philippines --- With the increasing demand for data entry services, 365Outsource has expanded its roster of services to include data entry, data processing and data conversion. The outsourcing firm is aiming to help companies looking for a reliable service provider who can offer affordable first-rate data entry services.

Data entry is a process in which all of a company’s information are sorted and entered into an existing database. It involves careful data logging, and data entry specialists need to regularly check for accuracy. The data is processed and converted into pre-determined file types that will suit the database structure used by the client company.

“365Outsource has seen great potential in the data entry market, and we want the company to explore this trend,” says Itamar Gero, the CEO of 365Outsource. He further says that it is important for a company that offers tech services to read the trends to make sure that the company moves forward, instead of getting stuck with traditional BPO services.

There are different kinds of data entry. It can be for text and numeric data, mailing lists, e-books, surveys or questionnaires, directories, manuals, dictionaries, databases and images. 365Outsource can handle all these types of data entry. The outsourcing firm also specializes in handwritten or printed source data entry.

365Outsource offers form or image processing and claims processing. Insurance companies can contact 365Outsource for insurance claim processing needs. The company also works with credit card companies for survey and credit card processing.

365Outsource can also convert data into different forms. The firm does PDF conversion, catalogue conversion, and book or document conversion. They can also convert different mark up languages, such as XML to SGML to HTML. This is very helpful for web design or web development companies.

Inquiries about specific data entry services may be made on the 365Outsource company website. Clients can submit their contact information and indicate the services they are interested in. A company representative contacts them within 24 hours with more detailed information.